Canon announced new XF-AVC video format for 4K professional camcorders

The Canon XC10 and C300 Mark II Built-in 4K Camcorders 2015 launched, with entirely new XF-AVC video formats developed by Canon.XF-AVC-video-format-for-4K-professional-camcorders

The company said that this is a new video format will provide outstanding quality for 4K, 2K or Full HD video. The XF-AVC using MPEG-4 AVC / H.264 video compression will bring higher, but not too much to affect video quality. Specially focus on 4K professional photography, Canon XF-AVC will improve product quality as well as speed up the process of production. The company will use this new video format for 4K video products in the future, opening with the new Canon 4K Camcorders such as the Canon XC10 and Canon EOS C300 Mark II. With the cooperation and support from worldwide organizations and large companies in the field of cinema and graphics, Canon brings the convenience and ease of production of 4K Video Camera, thereby increasing the output quality.

Details of the new XF-AVC:



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