DJI Power 1000 and 500 Power Stations with Exclusive Drone Charging Ports

DJI announced the start of sales of its first two portable budget generators. The Power 500 and Power 1000 portable power backups for home serve as mobile power supplies and, among other features, offer a special port for quickly charging drones.

Budget Generators DJI Power 1000 and 500

DJI, previously best known for its drones and gimbals, is expanding its product portfolio to include a new area: power stations. The DJI Power 1000 and Power 500 models officially go on sale now. 

The DJI Power 500 is the more compact and smaller model of DJI’s two new power stations and, weighing 7.3 kg is easier to transport. There is a battery capacity of 512 Wh and a maximum output power of 1,000 W. 

The new DJI Power 1000 offers more power with 1,024 Wh and 2,200 W, although this also results in a higher weight at around 13 kg.

You can fully charge both budget generators in just 70 minutes. The manufacturer mentions that they can reach an 80% charge in only 50 minutes. Options to charge these solar generators include a standard socket, solar panels, a car socket, or USB-C.

For instance, the Power 1000 delivers energy via the 230V sockets or the various USB ports with up to 140W and PD 3.1, while the Power 500 delivers up to 100W and PD 3.0.

Budget Generators DJI Power 1000 and 500

Both budget generators also feature a special SDC port (Power 500: SDC Lite), specifically designed, among other functions, to fast charge DJI drones. For selected models like the DJI Mavic 3 series, you can charge the battery from 10 to 95 percent in just 30 minutes, allowing the longest and most uninterrupted flights with only a few flight batteries. The two new power stations from DJI also have a UPS function for an uninterrupted power supply on board.

DJI budget generators prices and deals

You can order the DJI Power 1000 from for $999. A $300 discount is automatically applied at checkout. On, the same model is priced at £899, with no current discounts.

The DJI Power 500 is available on at a listed price of $499, which includes a $120 discount voucher. However, if you’re shopping from, it’s available for £540 without any promotional discounts.

Please note that these offers are subject to availability and may vary.

Anker recently released two versions of a new power station. Specifically, they have introduced the Solix C800 and Solix C800 Plus. These power stations are particularly useful for camping due to their long-lasting storage cells.

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