Bluedio TE Wireless Headphones for Gymming

After Bluedio AI headphones, today we talk about the other Bluedio headphones called Bluedio TE (also known as Bluedio Turbine) which comes in several colors including Black, Blue, Green, Red and Yellow.

Bluedio TE Wireless Headphones

The Bluedio wireless headphones generally sound very good and the pricing is also affordable as well. The Bluedio TE is a Wireless Sports Headphones has a very lightweight Double-cavity design comes with a matte rubberized finish and you’ve got here a thin cable so you can tighten this up around your neck.

The Bluedio TE Bluetooth Headphones features in-line remote control with everything from volume up/down; play or pause music to change tracks or answering all your calls. It supports USB 2.0 and comes with USB cable, three pairs of Ear hooks and Ear tips in its beautiful packaging with all the highlights of the product here you have the very nice carrying case as well.

According to the listing, the Bluedio Turbine headphones will take about two hours to full charge and it states that music and talk time about four hours, while standby time is up to 120 hours. If the battery goes low it gives you an indicator for about 15 minutes and kept going over and over and kept saying a battery low which is good thing about this headset.

Bluedio headphones

For connectivity, the Bluedio Turbine pairing is also very easy, it uses Bluetooth 4.1 connection with range about 30 feet from your connected devices. The Bluedio TE headphones is priced well it sounds good and you’ve got decent battery life under $19.99 in US or £19.99 in UK.

Bluedio TE Wireless Sports Headphones Specifications

  • Dimensions: 25 x 30 x 21 mm
  • Weight:16 grams
  • Bluetooth: 4.1
  • Bluetooth transmission frequency: 2.4GHz to 2.48GHz
  • Bluetooth range: up to 33 feet (free space)
  • Bluetooth profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP
  • Frequency response: 20Hz-20,000Hz
  • Standby time: about 120 hours
  • Music / Talk time: about 4 hours
  • Charging time: about 2 hours
  • Input voltage/current: 5V/>0.1A
  • Output power: 6mW + 6mW

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