Roborock Dyad Pro wet and dry vacuum cleaner with many improvements

With the Dyad Pro, Roborock USA presented an optimized version of its best wet dry vacuum cleaner for home. This wet and dry robotic vacuum cleaner was first introduced at CES 2023 and is now available to buy in the country.

best wet dry vacuum cleaner for home Roborock Dyad Pro

The Dyad Pro wet and dry vacuum cleaner for tile floors comes with several improvements and a suction power of 17,000 Pa. Roborock Dyad Pro wet and dry robotic vacuum cleaner is an optimized version of the Roborock Dyad (approx. 400 euros at Amazon ) that was presented last year.

Compared to the Dyad, the new Pro model offers several improvements. Among other things, the robotic wet and dry floor cleaner has a suction power with DyadPower of 17,000 Pa for particularly efficient and thorough cleaning. As is usual with wiping vacuum cleaners, the new Dyad Pro can also wipe and vacuum in one operation. Thanks to the lateral edge of only 1 mm, cleaning is almost seamless along baseboards, furniture, and the like.

Among other things, the intelligent dosing of the cleaning solution, which complements the regulation of cleaning performance and water flow, is new. In addition, this best wet dry vacuum cleaner for home can be easily moved across the floor thanks to the new dual wheels, which can be flexibly moved in all directions.

With the integrated battery, the manufacturer promises up to 40 minutes of cleaning time with one charge. Around 300 square meters are possible. The freshwater tank holds 900 ml, and the dirty water tank 760 ml. After cleaning, the Dyad Pro does not have to be cleaned by hand but automatically cleans its rollers when it is docked. This is followed by automatic self-drying to prevent odors and the formation of bacteria.

Roborock Dyad Pro price and availability

The new Roborock Dyad Pro handheld wet and dry vacuum cleaner is already available for sale on The manufacturer specifies the recommended retail price as $449.99.

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