Best Gaming Mouse Pads

Gaming Mouse Pads are a very important element of our position. They can determine our defeat or our victory.

Best Gaming Mouse Pads

The choice of gaming mouse pad is not to be taken lightly. The gaming mouse mat will greatly affect the performance we will have during game sessions. Being in close contact with our mouse, it will determine our victory or our defeat. So let’s see how to choose a best gaming mouse pads and which ones are best, divided by price range.

How to choose the Best Gaming Mouse Pads

Regarding this product, which is the icing on the cake of our station, there are not many aspects to take into consideration. The mouse pads that we will see in this article, are made to offer maximum accuracy during our hours of play. In addition to protecting the bottom of the mouse, they also prevent us from ruining the surface of our desk.

It is essential to never place the notebook on the mouse pad, as it could easily overheat, leading to consequent deformations.


The task of a gaming mouse mat is to ensure a smooth surface that maximizes the accuracy of the sensor of our gaming mouse. What distinguishes a gaming mat from a normal mat is the anti-slip surface. It is essential to avoid losing control of the mouse during rapid movements.

Furthermore, a water-resistant surface is a huge point in its favor.


Another very important feature to evaluate is the size of the mouse mat. This is a characteristic that depends purely on our needs. However, it is not recommended to buy gaming mats that are too small, as they are unsuitable for wide movements.

Best Gaming Mouse Pads Under $10

In this price range, we find good quality mouse pads, able to offer good performance both during the game and in everyday use. So let’s see what are the best gaming mouse pads under $10

Jeeco Gaming Mouse Pad

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It is a cheap gaming mouse mat, but it has nothing to envy its competitors. It has seams at the edges to avoid any deformation. The dimensions of 32 x 27 x 0.3 cm are sufficient and allow you to place it anywhere on your desk. It also has a water-resistant surface, able to resist liquid infiltrations.


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The product is made with an excellent material and with seams at the edges, which prevent the formation of folds or deformations. The surface is made really well and also guarantees a good anti-static to prevent the accumulation of dust. It is available for purchase in various sizes.


This is a 70cm long, 30cm wide and 0.2cm thick gaming mat. It is perfect for those looking for a large pad that can hold both a keyboard and a mouse. The anti-slip surface, in addition to ensuring good durability, allows you to achieve maximum precision with your mouse. It also enjoys resistance against scratches and liquids.

Best Gaming Mouse Pads Under $15

In this price range are collected mouse pads of higher quality than those seen previously. So let’s see what are the best gaming mouse pads under $15


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It is a very long gaming mat, which allows you to support both the mouse and the keyboard. The anti-slip material on the back has been designed to offer an excellent grip even when subjected to high pressure. It is also resistant to possible spills of liquids.

Razer Sphex V2

This is a gaming mat with dimensions of 35.5 x 25.4 x 0.1 cm. Designed to provide above-average experience, it ensures high tracking quality for optical and laser mice. Thanks to the lower part made of an anti-slip material, it remains firmly in place even during the most intensive sessions.

It is made of polycarbonate and can be fixed to the desk using a sticker supplied in the package.

Best Gaming Mouse Pads Above $30

Now we come to the last section dedicated to high-end gaming mats. In this section, we will find the best game oriented mouse pads.

Corsair MM400

It is a mouse pad with a hard and rough surface. The dimensions are 35.2 cm x 27.2 cm x 0.2 cm allow you to easily insert it even in tight spaces. In addition, the lower anti-slip part allows a stable positioning even during the hours of play. The hard surface in polymers, optimized for optical and laser mice, allows rapid sliding without the slightest friction.

Razer Gigantus

This model is nothing short of huge. The materials with which it was made are of excellent quality. Thanks to the thickness of a half centimeters, it guarantees total grip on the support surface. Large dimensions require a very large support surface and allow you to place your mouse, keyboard and other objects.

Corsair Polaris

It is one of the best gaming pads currently in the market. This Corsair Polaris is made of high durable quality polymers. It has been designed to offer maximum precision during the hours of play thanks to the minimum absence of friction.

In addition, thanks to a USB port on the back, allows you to connect the mouse directly to the mat. Obviously, there is also RGB lighting to give the complete feel of high-end gaming at home.

Razer Firefly

This Razer Firefly is very similar to the Corsair model seen previously. This professional gaming mat is made with a high-quality surface, which allows maximum precision in the use of the mouse. Razer Firefly gaming mat ensures the highest level of performance during our intense gaming sessions. It is possible to buy it with a rigid finish or in a fabric.

There is also RGB Chroma lighting with 16.8 million colors and customizable effects.

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