Best Gaming Keyboard Shop Online in 2021: Buying Guide

TechToyReviews has been preparing several buying guides to help you choose your next cell phone to buy, in addition to other interesting electronics to buy. We have already listed the best budget gaming mouse to buy in 2021, now it’s time to do the same with the best gaming keyboard shop online in 2021.

Best Gaming Keyboard Shop Online in 2021

If you are running away from ordinary good keyboards for gaming or want to improve your experience to be more competitive in online disputes, it is essential to have good accessories for this, and the keyboard is a fundamental part of playing.

On mechanical keyboards, it is good to keep an eye on the color of the switches. Red is aimed at gamers who spend several hours playing, as it is more comfortable. Precision is already enjoyed to avoid accidental touches, you will prefer keyboards with a blue switch, but this one is the loudest. If you want a middle ground, then a brown switch would be ideal. If speed is more important, go black.

Our best gaming keyboard shop to online 2021 list seeks to bring together the best keyboards for gaming that only deliver a good experience, as well as more robust models that bring more advanced technologies and several shortcuts to give that advantage in more fierce competitions.

The keyboard for gaming will be organized by price, but we will make clear the highlight of each one and the advantages of investing in a more expensive model. As prices change frequently, the products listed will not always be ordered by price perfectly.

Redragon K552

Best Gaming Keyboard Shop Online in 2021

Redragon is a company that invests in gaming products and competes with better-known brands such as Logitech, Razer, HyperX, and Corsair. It has the differential of delivering good products charging cheaper and that’s why we added this product in this best gaming keyboard shop to online 2021.

Redragon offers several switch options with its keyboards and this one is no different. You can choose a model with a blue, red, or brown switch. There are even two keyboard color options, including a white. This is rare since gaming keypad models are usually black.

It also has keys for multimedia control, an anti-ghosting system, and a red backlight. It is more compact than the other models below and comes in the ABNT standard.

It can be purchased for $34.99 on the website.

Logitech G213 Prodigy

Best Gaming Keyboard Shop Online in 2021

You still don’t want to invest in a mechanical keyboard, but aren’t you happy with conventional keyboards, too? This one is of the membrane type and its main highlight is to offer a response speed four times higher.

It features RGB lighting, not just ordinary LEDs that feature a fixed color. There are multimedia keys on the top for easy access, but its main highlight is the greater resistance to splashing. Losing an expensive keyboard for spilling some liquid is not cool.

Logitech software allows the customization of lighting, as well as the definition of macro keys – since the product does not have dedicated keys for this.

It has an anti-ghosting function, however, it is not 100%. It can only prevent locking if you press a maximum of 13 keys at once.

It can be purchased for $46.99 on the website.

Logitech G413 Carbon

Best Gaming Keyboard Shop Online in 2021

Do you want to enter the world of mechanical keyboards, but are not ready to invest in an expensive, more professional model? How about Logitech’s G413 Carbon? It is a basic keyboard that features switches developed by the brand and named Romer G.

The brand guarantees that its switch is 25% faster and 40% more durable than that of a conventional mechanical keyboard. Also, the G413 Carbon has 12 replaceable keys to give a boost to the gaming experience.

If you are a fan of customizing the keyboard lighting, you may be a little disappointed with the G413. It has red lighting only, unlike the more expensive models in our guide with RGB LEDs.

It is not an ABNT standard but comes with anti-ghosting technology with support for simultaneous pressing of up to 26 keys. The macro function is also supported, even if it does not have dedicated keys for it.

It can be purchased for $56.09 on the website.

Logitech G613

Another Logitech product in our best gaming keyboard shop online in 2021 guide. When it comes to the best keyboards for gaming, you already think of a wired keyboard to have the shortest response time, right? Because of this, the vast majority of keyboards on the market have a USB connection.

If you hate wires or want to have the freedom to sit away from your monitor or even play on the living room sofa straight from your TV without giving up a good mechanical keyboard, then we recommend the Logitech G613 as a good wireless option.

The downsides of having a wireless keyboard are that you will have slightly higher latency and will need batteries to power the peripheral. Logitech promises an average battery of 18 months with a pair of batteries, but for that, it had to put aside the lighting on the keys.

It comes with the same Romer G switch as others from the company, it has anti-ghosting technology (all keys can be pressed at the same time), there are six dedicated keys for macro function, but nothing like a standard ABNT keyboard.

It can be purchased for $77.99 on the website.

Razer Ornata Chroma

Still undecided whether to invest in a mechanical keyboard or not? For this type of doubt, there is the Ornata Chroma by Razer, which kind of lies between the two worlds.

It may not bring the speed of response time of a typical mechanical keyboard, but it is more agile and comfortable than a lot of membrane keyboard, and best of all: it is quiet.

The anti-ghosting function, quite common on gaming keyboards, is also present here. However, it is limited to just 10 keys pressed at a time. The lighting is of the RGB type, being possible to customize through the Razer Chroma software.

It can be purchased for $79 on the website.

HyperX Alloy FPS

Looking for a mechanical keyboard to play FPS? This is the highlight of HyperX’s Alloy. Unlike others that we list, this one has a steel structure for greater durability.

It also has Cherry MX switches as the Cooler Master option that we list below. It is more compact than most mechanical keyboards, but it ended up leaving the numeric keypad aside.

A nice differential is in the grip, which is removable and has a nylon coating for greater durability. While the keys are taller than conventional and bring red illumination.

It responds well to commands and also has an anti-ghosting function as seen in others on our list.

It can be purchased for $109.99 on the website.

Razer Huntsman Tournament

The first big difference of this Razer Huntsman Tournament for the other models that we mentioned is in the Razer optomechanical switches.

It uses an optical light sensor to capture key presses. The difference to the others with other types of switches is that this one is much more agile, being practically instantaneous.

RGB LEDs are quite common on gaming keyboards and several on our list have this feature. The difference with this Razer keyboard is that even its sides are illuminated. Even the wrist rest has customizable lighting.

Although expensive, it is not quite as complete. It lacks dedicated macro keys and its anti-ghosting technology allows the simultaneous pressing of only 10 keys. If you expect by default ABNT, this is also not the keyboard for you.

It can be purchased for $89.99 on the website.

Razer Blackwidow V3

The Blackwidow is one of Razer’s most famous models. Switch options for this model include green (tactile and loudest) and yellow (linear and quiet). With that, he ends up pleasing any type of gamer.

Razer is responsible for the manufacture of these types of switches. Also, the Blackwidow V3 is a very comfortable keyboard thanks to its wrist support.

It is more compact than others with wrist support due to the absence of a dedicated numeric keypad. Of course, when it comes to a Razer product, we have quality LEDs in the chroma line with various types of programming.

It can be purchased for $104.95 on the website.

Corsair K70 Rapidfire

A professional keyboard doesn’t always have to be expensive. Corsair’s K70 Rapidfire delivers high build quality and excellent performance at a fair price.

It also features a metal finish and Cherry MX switch keys. Its cable is double and reinforced, everything designed to offer high durability.

Lighting is mandatory on any gamer keyboard, but the K70’s differential is being able to customize the lighting pattern through various profiles present in the Corsair program – it is also possible to download others made by users.

It has multimedia shortcuts, has a volume scroll button and its support is higher to deliver the best possible comfort. Of course, the anti-ghosting function is present, and coupled with the response time of 1ms makes this keyboard unbeatable.

It can be purchased for $119.99 on the website.

Corsair Strafe RGB MK.2

We closed our best gaming keyboard shop online in 2021 with the most advanced and also the most expensive gamer keyboard. Who said that every mechanical keyboard needs to be noisy? The Strafe RGB MK.2 comes with Cherry MX Silent switches to guarantee up to 30% more silence than other keyboards of the type even in more intense games.

It is a little bigger than the others we mentioned, so it is good to have extra space on your table so that it fits without a problem. Its wrist support also occupies considerable space but guarantees high comfort.

It does not come in the national ABNT standard if this is a differentiator for you. It’s RGB lighting is all configurable by Corsair software, with several patterns that will please any type of player.

It can be purchased for $139.99 on the website.

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