TTartisan 500mm F6.3 budget telephoto lens announced

TTartisan has unveiled an exceptional best budget telephoto lens with a fixed focal length, the TTartisan 500mm F6.3. This lens is compatible with full-frame mirrorless cameras from Sony E, Canon R, Nikon Z, and L-mount.

best budget telephoto lens TTartisan 500mm F6.3

The optical configuration of the TTartisan 500mm F6.3 lens comprises 8 elements organized into 5 groups, incorporating two ultra-low dispersion elements and two high refractive index elements. TTartisan emphasizes that the ultra-low dispersion elements contribute to superior coma control.

This lens is well-suited for close-up photography of wildlife, sports events, and distant subjects, according to TTartisan. However, it’s essential to bear in mind that this lens features manual focusing exclusively and a limited aperture. Therefore, these two factors can pose challenges, especially when capturing fast-moving subjects.

The available aperture range for the TTartisan lens is from F/6.3 to F/32, and it boasts a 12-blade diaphragm. The lens provides a narrow 5-degree viewing angle and weighs 1617 grams.

Included with the TTartisan 500mm F6.3 lens are a custom-made metal hood and a mounting ring for tripod use. The lens measures 31.7 x 8.8 cm and has an 82mm filter thread.

best budget telephoto lens TTartisan 500mm F6.3

It’s worth noting that the E-mount version of the lens exhibits slight vignetting on full-frame cameras, but this issue does not occur on cameras with Z, RF, or L mounts.

TTartisan 500mm F6.3 price and release date

What’s even more enticing is the remarkably affordable price tag of just $329 for this best budget telephoto prime lens. You can place a pre-order through the online store.

In a previous release, TTartisan introduced the Tilt-Shift 100mm F/2.8 x2 Macro lens, which features a unique tilt-shift function. The optical configuration of this lens comprises 14 elements arranged in 10 groups, including 6 highly refractive lenses. This versatile lens is available in various mounts, including Sony E-mount, Fujifilm X-mount, Nikon Z-mount, and Canon RF-mount, and it operates exclusively with manual settings.

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