Asus Travelair AC: Wi-Fi, NFC hand drive, 32GB Memory at Computex 2015

The Asus Travelair AC is a wireless hard drive with 32GB of memory capacity, compact design and also connect with the Smartphone via NFC and exchange data using standard Wi-Fi ac.Travelair-AC-Wi-Fi,-NFC-hand-drive,-32GB-Memory-at-Computex-2015

The Asus Travelair AC has an SD card slot to backup data, expand the memory of hard drive and the battery can be used up to 10 hours after every single charge.

The actual test of this wireless external hard drive, shows that you can stream Full HD video files on your phone using the Travelair AC, without any lag or buffer. It has a Phone app to access data on the hard drive. The app will automatically detect all data such as images, video etc. Some other information about Travelair AC as support up to five devices at one time simultaneously, charging with microUSB and also support Wi-Fi b/g/n/ac. The measures 84 x 84 x 21.5 mm and weight only 110 grams.Asus-Travelair-AC--Wi-Fi,-NFC-hand-drive,-32GB-Memory-at-Computex-2015

There is also an NFC connection to transfer data very fast between the phone and the hard drive. The Asus Travelair AC has a plastic case body, which is very light and looks beautiful. At the bottom edge of the hard drive actuating button to switch between dual-band 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi, if you need high speed then choose 5GHz.

The Asus Travelair AC WiFi Hard Drive will be available for purchase in August of this year with a price tag of $70 for a 32 GB memory capacity.

Asus Travelair AC Features:

  • Backup hard drive for phone and tablet (supports iOS, Android and Kindle Fire HD)
  • SD card reader from cameras and camcorders
  • Memory card backup
  • Movies and music can stream directly from the hard drive connected via Wi-Fi without a copy
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