AstrHori 85mm F2.8 Tilt Macro for Canon RF, Fuji X, L, Nikon Z, and Sony E Mounts

AstrHori has released its new 85mm F2.8 Tilt, Macro, and Medium Telephoto 3-in-1 manual full frame insect jewel portrait lens for APS-C format system cameras that capture a 1:1 scale image of a subject.

AstrHori 85mm F2.8 Tilt Macro lens

Being fully manual, the lens does not transmit any EXIF ​​data to the camera and does not work with any focus confirmation functions. It consists of 11 elements in 8 groups, including two extra-low dispersion elements. It uses a 12-bladed aperture, has a minimum focusing distance of 28cm, uses a 55mm front filter thread, and has a tilt angle of +/- 8º.

The medium telephoto portrait lens has a focusing distance of 0.28m to infinity. It not only has the high optical quality and good depth of field control but also has a strong blurring ability with an F2.8 large aperture, which can better highlight the subject.

The 85mm F2.8 Tilt Macro has a diameter of 6.3 cm and a length of 11 cm. The lens is designed for a variety of mounts: Canon RF, Fujifilm X, L, Nikon Z, and Sony E – but all tilt functions are limited to the crop sensor format when used on full-frame cameras. It is an ideal lens for professional photographers with some tilt-shift experience, which can help you solve photography problems and explore photography possibilities.

AstrHori 85mm F2.8 price and availability

The AstrHori 85mm F2.8 Tilt Macro lens for Canon RF, Fujifilm X, L, Nikon Z, and Sony E mount is available on at $329.

Recently, DZOFilm announced a trio of 32mm, 65mm, and 90mm Т2.8 Gnosis macro lenses, which are designed for shooting close-up video with high definition and sharpness. DZOFilm Gnosis macro lenses are designed for shooting at 10x, 1.33x, and 1.5x zoom ratios with sharp focus from the center of the frame to the very edge.

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