Apple WatchKit Launched for Development

While waiting for official launch of the Apple Watch, Apple has released the Apple WatchKit to develop services and software for this device.

Build Watch Kit

The official Apple iWatch release date is still somewhere in 2015. Apple wants to give developers more time to get applications on this new device, so they just released test transmitter WatchKit development.

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WatchKit enables programmers and developers to test applications will interact with Apple SmartWatch. However, it still has major flaws is no native application. Apple does not allow for the development of native applications, but can be implemented in 2015.

The developer will have three different options for application on Apple Watch. First, the function will be found on most of the SmartWatch, especially Android Wear, displayed notification and the user can reply to a message or control of smart products. The second is to give the developers to add information to the screen pops up on glances. Eventually there will be a Apple Apps interface and features its own, but can be integrated with iOS features like Handoff, and easily migrate applications from Apple SmartWatch to other applications such as Apple Airplay.

Apple WatchKit

The developers have optimized WatchKit with two different sizes of Apple Watch. SmartWatch has a 1.5 inch screen 272×340 pixels resolution and 1.65 inch screen 312×390 pixels resolution.

Apple Watch to be released next year. Has revealed details screen of the two measures, 38 mm. And 42 mm. The small size will have a resolution 340×272 pixel and another one comes with 390×312 pixels a resolution, which is a minor difference. Because the resolution is not equal, enabling apps in the Watch in two different sizes. The WatchKit SDK also showcases the work of some of SmartWatch as the various features.

Now Apple continues to work with the iPhone, the app standalone for Apple SmartWatch it becomes available in late 2015 that Apple Watch Price starting at $349, approximately 21,500 rupees.


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