Angenieux EZ-3 45-163mm T2.3-3.0 Cine Lens Introduced

Angenieux has unveiled the latest addition to its professional cinema lens lineup, the Angenieux EZ-3 45-163mm T2.3-3.0, designed specifically for Super 35 cameras. What sets this lens apart is its support for interchangeable rear optics (IRO), a feature that opens the door to its use on full-frame cameras. When equipped with IRO, the lens transforms, offering a focal length and aperture range of 68-250mm T3.5-4.5. Remarkably, the entire EZ series boasts dedicated rear optical groups meticulously tailored to accommodate both Super 35 and full-frame sensors.

Angenieux EZ-3 45-163mm T2.3-3.0 Cine Lens

Notably, the lens boasts a dual-focus scale, catering to users on both sides of the metric divide—feet and meters. Angenieux invested seven years in the development of this optic, resulting in a remarkably versatile lens that spans a wide gamut of focal lengths.

The arrival of the EZ-3 lens is cause for celebration, particularly given the lengthy seven-year development journey. It marks a significant addition to the EZ series, characterized by its expansive focal length range, addressing a multitude of shooting requirements.

The Angenieux EZ-3 45-163mm T2.3-3.0 lens is the lone member in the EZ-3 optics lineup to feature a variable aperture. Presumably, this decision was made to maintain optimal physical dimensions and weight. Measuring 26.4 cm in length and weighing 2.6 kg, the lens manages to strike a balance. Despite differing in length, all three lenses in the series share synchronized focus, zoom, and aperture mechanisms.

The lens achieves a minimum focusing distance of 121.9 cm. Its control rings encompass three crucial aspects: focus, aperture, and zoom. Each ring employs 0.8 MOD cinema-style serrated teeth, ensuring compatibility with follow-focus systems and remote control drives. The lens’s front diameter stands at 114 mm, consistent with the Angenieux OPTIMO lens series, facilitating the use of compendiums with both EZ and OPTIMO optics.

The EZ zoom lenses ship with a professional ARRI PL mount, with the option to switch it out for Sony E, Canon EF, or Canon RF mounts, enabling compatibility with a wide spectrum of cameras (additional mounts sold separately).

Price and availability

The Angenieux EZ-3 45-165mm T2.3 S35 & 68-250mm T3.5 Cinema Zoom Kit is currently available for pre-order on, priced at $19,300.

Angenieux EZ-3 45-165mm specifications

Angenieux EZ-3 45-163mm T2.3-3.0 Cine Lens
  • Focal Length: 45 to 165mm
  • Maximum Aperture: T2.3 to 3
  • Lens Mount: ARRI PL
  • Lens Format Coverage: Super35/APS-C; Full Frame
  • Interchangeable Mount: Yes
  • Image Circle: 46.0 mm
  • Angle of View: Super 35 (Horizontal: 30 to 8.4° / Vertical: 16.8 to 4.8°); Full Frame (Horizontal: 31.1 to 8.6° / Vertical: 20.5 to 5.8°
  • Focus Scales: Metric, Imperial
  • Filter Thread: 105 mm
  • Zoom Ratio: 3.7x
  • Minimum Focus Distance: From Unspecified Point in Lens – 4′ / 121.9 cm
  • Image Stabilization: No
  • Electronic Communication: No
  • Lens Mounting: 1 x 3/16″ (via Included Support Foot)
  • Gear Standard: 0.8 MOD
  • Gear Rotation: Focus 300°
  • Coatings: Multi-Coating
  • Diameter: 4.5″ / 114 mm
  • Length: 10.4″ / 26.4 cm
  • Weight: 5.7 lb / 2.6 kg

In a related announcement, the Sony 16-35mm F2.8 G-Master II lens has been introduced. This iteration is not only more compact and lightweight than its predecessor but also boasts improved image quality, thanks to a complete overhaul of its optical design.

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