Android for Work App with the ability to separate personal and work data

Google has officially launched a new initiative called Android for Work. This is its latest effort to organize business and personal data separately on one Android device to work with high usability and security.


The idea was first appeared last year, and the main feature of Google Android for Work that users can use their personal smartphones for work purposes, does not need to carry two phones. However, the corporate data or content will be located separately from personal data to ensure security. It is completely different when compared to the BlackBerry Balance or Samsung Knox that you have to switch between working and personal modes, Android for Work to combine them into one. The Android for Business app will work as normal app, the difference lies in the installed app with orange circle icons as you see in the picture above. Of course, separate work modes still appear to choose the most appropriate mode, called the work profiles, but only applies to devices running Android 5.0 or higher.

In summary, Android for Work includes the four technology:

Work Profiles: are based on the default encryption feature and support for multiple users of Android 5.0 Lollipop, this technology will work to separate the data of the user. IT can deploy approved work apps, have tight control of corporate data, and users are assured that their personal data are also secured.

Android for Work app: with devices running Android 4.0 to 4.4, or does not support default work profiles, Google offers a separate Android for Work app to browse the mail service, manage your calendar, contacts, documents, surfing the web and a few other apps for business. All of them can be managed by the IT department.

Google Play for Work: Google Play for Work will help businesses deploy and manage app to Android for Work for each user.

Built-in productivity tools: Google says that they will also provide a variety of applications with support both Exchange and Notes to help users work more efficiently with their mobile devices.

In addition, Google also shared that they have partnered with many software and hardware companies, especially in the array of enterprise solutions, to develop Android for Work. These partners will provide management solutions for mobile devices, enterprise applications are specialized in each area, as well as can add value for business.


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