5 Tips to Upgrade Your iPhone Photography

Tired of your iPhone photography getting lost in the shuffle on social media? Discover how to upgrade your iPhone photography with these tips.

5 Tips to Upgrade Your iPhone Photography

They say that the best camera is the one that you always have on hand. That’s why so many professional photographers will always carry an iPhone around with them to take those great one-off shots. The latest iPhone 13 can capture 84% more light than the iPhone from last year, which means that your images will be crisper and of higher quality.

If you are wondering how to improve your iPhone photography, then you are in the right place. Keep reading for some iPhone photography tips that will blow your image quality out of the water.

1. Use the Volume Button To Take Photos

The iPhone is pretty thin, so sometimes when you are trying to take photos by clicking the digital shutter button, it can shake the camera and blur the photograph you were trying to take. Avoid this by using the volume up button to snap your photos. This tip is also helpful for those with smaller hands, as you might not be able to reach the digital shutter button while holding the phone in one hand.

2. Turn on Grid Mode

Do you know the rule of thirds when taking photographs? It says that a photo is more interesting compositionally if your primary or important elements are not on the grid lines or at the intersection of the grid lines.

iPhone has a Grid feature that you can enable by visiting Settings and then tapping Photos & Camera. Start using it asap and see how the quality of your photographs improves rapidly.

3. Use HDR Auto

HDR, or high dynamic range, is a software feature that the iPhone comes with. When you are snapping photos in a high-contrast light setting, like a bright sunset against a darkening mountain, you can use HDR mode, to help you capture a high-quality image.

4. Slide the Exposure Meter To Change Brightness

This is another iPhone camera feature that’s underused but so valuable. Whenever you are taking photographs in a low-light setting, adjust the yellow exposure slider next to the focus square first. You can increase your exposure by sliding upward or decrease it by sliding downwards.

5. Get Great Action Shots Using Burst Mode

If you have children and you love to capture them playing, then you will want to use the Burst mode to take action shots of them, without disrupting their fun. Using burst mode, you can take pictures of moving subjects and also capture photos when the camera itself is moving. You can always use a background remover to remove any unwanted subjects before posting the images on your social media channels.

You Don’t Need To Go to iPhone Photography School

If you wish to take awesome images, but don’t want to carry an expensive DLSR camera around, no problem at all. Improve your iPhone photography by applying one or more of the tips above. If you are going to take photographs for social media, why not do it right? Learn more iPhone photography tips by reading related articles on our website.

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