Xbox One Controller: Best to buy

In this guide, we will propose the best Xbox One controller perfectly compatible with the Microsoft console. You can consult our selection of the best models currently available for purchase. First of all, however, it is necessary to analyze some aspects that are crucial in choosing such a product.


If you are a console player, the main device you rely on is the controller. As for the console world, a good joypad has the same weight as a keyboard and mouse. A well-made controller helps to improve in-game performance by far.

The Xbox One controller is the main device you will be playing with, you must carefully analyze some aspects before making the purchase. The main features to consider are the ergonomics and the materials used for the production. These two aspects are accompanied by other secondary characteristics that can be purely personal, such as the type of connection. Many of the controllers offered in this guide are also excellent PC controllers.

Ergonomics and materials

The most important feature to evaluate is the ergonomics of the Xbox One controller. A controller must be comfortable to hold, so as not to tire the grip, getting the maximum performance in gameplay. The controllers are dedicated to the Microsoft home console are characterized by the same type of shape, namely that of the official Microsoft controller. Furthermore, the materials used strongly affect the ergonomics guaranteed by the product.

Wired or wireless controller?

An Xbox One wireless controller is much more convenient to use, as it does not have a cable that can get in the way during play. The wired Xbox controller, however, is not limited by a battery that can easily be discharged. Furthermore, they are characterized by a much shorter response time than wireless models.

Additional buttons

The additional buttons are usually reserved for high-end products, as it is a feature indicated primarily for competitive gaming.

Our selection

After analyzing the various aspects to consider, we offer our selection of the best Xbox One controller currently available on the market. We are keen to constantly update our purchasing guides, in order to always offer you valid and available products.

Xbox Wireless Controller

[amazon box=”B01LPZM7VI” /]

Obviously, we could advise you the official Xbox One controller. Compared to the previous generation controllers, in addition to improvements mainly related to design, the quality of the triggers and directional levers, including the D-Pad, has been greatly improved. Full compatibility with computers running Windows is guaranteed. The build quality of this Xbox One controller is really good, perfectly in line with the price at which it is sold on the market. It is also available on Bhphotovideo store.

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller

[amazon box=”B00ZDNNRB8″ /]

We come now to high-end Xbox One controller, dedicated to competitive gaming. This excellent model is characterized by a superior quality interchangeable stick and D-Pad compared to the classic controller that is sold included in the package.

The peculiarity of this controller is the possibility of applying extensions to the buttons on the back of the controller. This allows you to perform certain actions more easily. The materials used for the built are of excellent quality and the handle is ergonomic and pleasant to use. In addition, dedicated software is also available which allows you to customize settings for each game. It is also available for purchase on Bhphotovideo store.

Razer Wolverine Ultimate

[amazon box=”B074RNL1RX” /]

This is undoubtedly the best customizable Xbox One controller available on the market today. Absolutely could not miss a Razer product, which made this joypad specifically for the Microsoft console.

This particular controller is equipped with interchangeable levers and D-pads. This customization allows you to customize the controller according to your needs and preferences. The Razer Wolverine Ultimate is equipped with 2 backbones and 4 triggers, for a total of 6 programmable buttons to your liking. Moreover, it is equipped with the inevitable Razer Chroma RGB lighting with over 16.8 million colors that can be completely customized using the dedicated software. Moreover, it is also a very good controller dedicated to Windows computers.

Best selling Xbox One Controller on Amazon

At the end of our selection, we suggest you take a look at the following list of the top 10 best selling Xbox One controller of the moment on Amazon. The list is kept constantly updated by the store itself.

[amazon bestseller=”Xbox One controller” items=”10″]

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