What to Buy for Apple iPhone 6S

After the iPhone 7 release, many felt that the iPhone 6S purchase at a reduced price is a pretty good deal. Yes, it is actually a pretty good deal when there is support for 3D Touch and is still available with the 3.5 mm audio jack. That is why this smart phone is still one of the leading devices in the popularity rating all over the world. Today we take a look at the most interesting and unusual accessories for Apple iPhone 6S flagship after one and half year of its release.  accessories for iPhone 6S

Due to the popularity of Apple technology, many accessories for iPhone 6S are much cheaper than for competing brands. For example, a simple super thin 2.5D tempered glass screen protector can be purchased under $10. It also has rounded edges and resists scratches from knives and keys.

For budget users, 0.3mm 2.5D round edges ballistic tempered glass screen protector with 9H hardness to transmit more light and provide better color reproduction.

3D 9H tempered glass with complete protection that not only protects the front panel, but also allows you to radically change its color to black or white. q9oyK0rDoOvp9z1c3nQCX6Uz0CY9VO

You can completely change the body color with an ultra-thin double-sided tempered glass screen protectors. It protects the front and rear panel from damage and gives your iPhone 6S a unique look as well.

Another way to protect the 360 degree all-round full cover with protective front glass. It is available in black color and has an advanced CNC technology ultra light thin bed which is perfectly fit to your iPhone 6S. q9oyUOFaLaz2S1AKU4Bd3JVUQ5rPt

A similar Phone Case for iPhone 6s, but in a bright gradient color. A good way to draw attention to yourself and your smartphone. What is the will of others surprised when it turns out that the bright case hides an ordinary iPhone 6S.

Hybrid Case made of plastic and silicone to protect The New iPhone 6s from shocks and falls from a lower height. In addition, the case protects your phone from scratches and accidentally fall out of from hands. q9oyQGR60byQEIeuxhtBdj3lqEJc

Ultra durable Covers featuring various fancy artwork from the world famous artist-genius Vincent Van Gogh.

Ultra-thin flexible silicone case for iPhone 6S reliable protection at the lowest price.

Transparent cover with cute cartoon characters on various topics. q9oyVR9hDOPZ1AqkSNnalPH2vJct

Ultra slim colorful transparent TPU protective scratch-proof case.

Nature Series TPU Case Covers Nillkin. Both sides of anti-skid trips, increasing its friction, effective non-slip, provides you full sense of security. 360 degree all-round protection which prevents the ingress of dust and water into droplets.

Tomkas offers Shock Absorbent and Scratch Resistant Covers which can protect your iPhone 6S side and bottom from getting mangled with a drop, and it is available in different colors as well.

Full Matte Soft Touch Slim-Fit Flexible TPU Case gives reliable protection against damage. In such cases, you feel more confident when hold your iPhone 6S in your hand and does not tend to slip on the floor with an uncomfortable-grip. q9oyUS7mtnz1V75CYYq7JRhi7m4Yz0

Glossy Bases Gradual Colorful Case Gradient Change Color Shell is brightly shining in the sun and attract the attention of people around.

A variety of beautiful and colorful hard cases with natural color prints for your iPhone 6S. To choose the right solution for you, sometimes you need to go through several options. 61EJsDfqonL._SL1000_

MFI Apple Certified Hard Case with built-in rechargeable battery is capable to extend the time the iPhone 6S several times. Due to the strong frame, it will protect your smartphone from the fall, and 4000mAh rechargeable battery can effectively provide extra battery life to your iPhone 6S.

Girls who owned the iPhone 6S will certainly appeal to a clutch with a separate compartment for your smartphone. This kind of case is perfectly suitable for evening dress for a hike in a restaurant or theater.

Actually on cold winter days Fur cover in a fluffy rabbit will be a perfect gift for your girlfriend. 71QOimUeytL._SL1000_

Apple iPhone 6S is not officially stated water resistance, but for outdoor sports or close to water is recommended to use optional accessories. For example, to walk on the street, running, cycling, hiking or jogging the Sports Arm Band Case is perfectly suitable for your needs. While the waterproof bag pouch is water resistant to 30 meters, IP68 certified along with the full touch functionality of your iPhone 6S.

Large Cases remain extremely popular among smartphone owners of all stripes. The most running – the classic leather cases are characterized by soft texture, internal compartments for storing cards and money as well as shockproof and anti-scratch resistant materials protect against drops and the raised beveled edge keeps your touchscreen and camera safe.  712Q-dVZlkL._SL1000_

Many designers tend to highlight their case among the masses of others. The latest innovation – leather cases with colored prints, wriststrap, magnets for strong absorption and up to 9 card slots.

Another view of the casual style Flip cover in the classic version, which is characterized by changes in the texture and wide magnetic lock. This solution minimizes the chance that the case will be revealed spontaneously in a bag or in the fall. 71f-tdQfyFL._SL1111_

Fibonacci Luxury Series Wallet Case supports the panorama mode, but believes that the abundance of useful functions should not lead to an increase in the thickness of the initially thin iPhone 6S. So there this thin case with kickstand function. It can easily withstand the weight in a horizontal position for watching videos or reading books. q9oyS4rDoOvp9z1c3nQCX6Uz0CY9VO

Few flip case front cover is complemented by two windows: the first is designed for quick viewing time, and the second one answer an incoming call or reject it. With this cover you can comfortably carry on a conversation, even with the lid closed.

The famous multi-cover with embossed cover and rubberized kick stand. It can withstand drops and bumps as well as successfully resists most physical damage. 61mWMXtopHL._SL1000_

Another Hybrid Rugged Hard case from Nillkin with anti-slip rubber inserts and shockproof design with dual protection from drops and scratches. This case has all and more often choose those users who demand ergonomics and comfortable position in the hand with a minimum thickness and advanced security features. q9oyQ8hz1CRViPMYfGfIoeLlXlKAP

Easy charger dock stand for your iPhone 6S and you will never be lost to him in the rubble of paper on the desktop. You can also configure automatic syncing with iTunes on your computer, which is connected to the hub. 61ZeHuLfnmL._SL1500_

The OKRAY 3 Pack 2A 10W Colorful Portable Dual-USB charger output with total current 5V/2.0A and input with 100-240V enables you to charge two mobile devices simultaneously at high speed. It is mini dual port usb wall charger with white plastic shell and colorful metal line is simple but luxurious. 51tJF7ISnNL._SL1000_

Anker Astro E1 5200mAh battery is a compact portable charger powered by our leading technology. It comes with an exclusive PowerIQ technology, which detects your device to deliver its fastest possible charge speed up to 2 amps which is four times faster than a computer USB port.

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