Wei Yan Sofia Dual Boot Smartphone can run Android and Windows Phone

The Smartphone named Wei Yan Sofia give a chance users to choose run Android or Windows Phone OS.


Today the mobile operating system is not uncommon, as each platform has its own strength and beauty, but users cannot spend more money and accept the use of multiple Smartphones at the same time. So that a device can run multiple platforms will probably become the trend in the future.

Recently, the Chinese media reported on a device called Wei Yan Sofia allowed to run Dual Boot Windows Phone or Android and you can choose a different platform to use at the same time.


The Wei Yan Sofia Dual Boot smartphone will own 5-inch FullHD Display with a resolution of 1080×1920 pixels. The name comes from Intel Sofia, called a cheap chips from Intel, is said to represent the company in competition with a low-cost chip from Qualcomm and MediaTek. In addition, the Wei Yan Sofia Dual OS smartphone will have an Intel processor, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of internal memory and rear camera of 13-megapixels, a front camera of 5-megapixels and targeting the users of mid-range segment.


This is not the first time any Smartphone company thinking of combining Dual Boot Android and Windows Phone. However, this is the first feature from a Chinese manufacturer and is likely to become a reality. A major challenge of this product is the Windows Phone operating system is not compatible with the Intel chip, and will have to wait for the changes to the Windows 10 operating system for smartphones.

Dual-Boot-Smartphone Wei Yan MD

It should be noted that this smartphone has a boot system, users will have the option to use the Android 5.0 or upcoming Windows 10 operating system. In essence, Wei Yan Sofia is not the first manufacturer to make a smartphone with both Android and Windows platforms. Last year, the Karbonn India has been introduced a Karbonn Windows Phone, same type of Dual Boot smartphone running Android and Windows Phone 8.

Currently, Wei Yan Sofia price and release date has not been disclosed.

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