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The Best Online Games for Making Money

Today more and more people are making money playing online games. Far from being a hobby or pastime, it has become a source of revenue and even a career for many gamers, with some earning up to $15,000 an hour. If you are a fan of gaming, whether it is causal, casino, or eSports, there are many opportunities to earn money …

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Turn your Gaming Passion into a Full time Earning Source


Since the gaming industry evolves in the world, we have seen rapid growth in the development of the high-end games. The games are becoming an essential element in our life. It is one of the entertainment modes that satisfies your brain neurons section and interlocks you to do more. The experience you receive while playing games cannot be gained from …

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Finally! PUBG for Mobile devices is now Available for Android and iOS

PUBG mobile

The day came that many were waiting. The PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) game was officially released for mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Android in Western countries after being available in China and Canada. It was not even four months ago that Tencent, the company that acquired the game rights, promised that a mobile version would reach the fans. The …

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Five New Mobile Games to try this Christmas

Christmas is finally here, and now that clears the digestive numbness remains to understand how to leverage all the new smartphones that you found under the tree. Here are five best new mobile games to try this Christmas, and there is something for all tastes!  RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic This Christmas you can build your own RollerCoaster ride in this new …

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Games for Mobile that Players can’t get Enough of This Summer

The Most Popular Mobile Games This Summer  The mobile gaming industry today is huge. Whether you have Android or iPhone, there are literally thousands upon thousands of games available for your mobile. If you don’t know where to look it’s easy to get swept in the wrong direction. With app designers using a number of strategies to boost users engagement, …

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