Games for Mobile that Players can’t get Enough of This Summer

The Most Popular Mobile Games This Summer Most Popular Mobile Games

The mobile gaming industry today is huge. Whether you have Android or iPhone, there are literally thousands upon thousands of games available for your mobile. If you don’t know where to look it’s easy to get swept in the wrong direction. With app designers using a number of strategies to boost users engagement, browsing the games in your app store isn’t necessarily the right way to find the best games. To save you some time, we’ve done some digging and have come up with a pretty solid list of the most popular mobile games this summer.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO is the obvious frontrunner in any list of this summer’s top mobile games. Within the first few days of its release, had became most downloaded mobile games currently as well as most played mobile games. The game urges players to get out and explore the world in search for all the Pokemon that have landed here on Earth. It’s proven to be a pretty genius way to get people up and moving without asking them to put their phones down. Just turn on your GPS and start wandering around. You gotta catch ‘em all!

Exploding Kittens

If you love the web comic series, The Oatmeal, you’ll love this new mobile game. The creator of the comic ran a Kickstarter campaign to fund the creation of this adorably violent mobile card game, which was inspired by the physical Exploding Kittens card game. Most-Downloaded-Mobile-Games

The Kickstarter project ended up being one of the most successful ones ever, and now Exploding Kittens is ready for you and your friends to play from your mobiles. You can play the strategic card game with up to five people online.

The Westport Independent

The Westport Independent is bringing something very different to the mobile gaming world. The main focus of this game is on the power of propaganda. Run your own newspaper and decide whether you want to bring the community together or rile up the population to revolt against the government.

Top Eleven 2016

Sports fans are loving the new Top Eleven 2016, which allows players to manage their own football team and lead the team to the top league. Top Eleven has been one of the most addictive and popular sports games on the market since the 90s, and now it’s here in mobile form, giving fans the option to play it everywhere they go.

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  1. I read about cases that people were called during the night because some rare Pokemon was in their homes and the players wanted to collect them;-)

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