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LG SmartWatch for Audi with webOS: Video and Images

As revealed from internal sources, LG has gradually built webOS Operating System¬†dedicated to SmartWatch. So after a while put webOS on LG TV, LG seems to want to continue to bring this up with SmartWatch platform in the near future. A few days ago, LG revealed that they are developing a LG SmartWatch for Audi and news site The Verge …

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LG KizON Smartwatch for Children launched by LG


From LG smartphone, designed new Smartwatch called LG KizON specifically to wear on hand. LG is following the G Watch unexpectedly released another wearable watch LG KizON. It allows parents to track the location of their children and communicate with them as well. LG KizON is designed as a bracelet for elementary and smaller students. This watch allows parents to …

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