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Focal Clear MG Professional: The New Reference for Studio Headphones?

Focal Clear MG Professional is aimed directly at sound engineers and producers, according to Focal. The new studio headphones should trump the “old” Clear Professional in terms of performance. What has the manufacturer thought about to achieve this? The first Clear Professional Focal headphones already put on a full-range transducer with an inverted M-shaped n 40 mm dome made of …

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Focal Clear Headphones For High-end Audiophile

focal clear headphones

The Focal brand from French announced the new Clear headphones, a product that is explicitly targeted at music enthusiasts and is also positioned on a high-end segment. The Focal Clear Headphones are made with an aluminum frame and a leather headband. The interior of the band and earcups features a microfiber fabric, reason for choosing this material is that it …

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