Sony Smart B-Trainer: Music player with Health monitor device

Sony has launched a music player cum health monitoring equipment called a Smart B-Trainer.


The Sony Smart B-Trainer – Music Players for Running has the same style of WS610 Walkman series, Sony incorporated new products with some health monitoring utility such as heart rate sensors, GPS, gyroscope, measuring atmospheric pressure, electronic compass etc. Integrated Bluetooth device to sync with your smartphone and fully water resistance standards IPX5 / IPX8.

The Sony Smart B-Trainer is a small music player for running with including basic music player controls such as play or pause, forward or rewind tracks, adjust the volume. It has 16GB of internal memory can store 3,900 MP3 tracks (128 Mbps), besides it can play various formats like WMA, AAC, and WAV Sony ATRAC. The Sony Smart B-Trainer comes with integrated sensors for measuring heart rate, calorie consumption, distance, time, speed, foot steps, stride distance, travel distance – according to the map on the smartphone.


Sony has applied in audio analysis algorithms, for example, the music can be played fast rhythms with a vibration that adds more fun into exercise. If your heart rate reduces, then the music will also slow and change. For better health efficiency, the Sony launched the train schedule application for beginners with a basic training or professionals with a premium training. The data developed by ASICS, the company specializes in solutions for the Japanese sports equipment. The data will be synchronized with a smartphone, so users can easily monitor them.

The Sony Smart B-Trainer is compatible with Android 4.1 and Apple iOS 7 or higher. When using Bluetooth 4.0, the device stand up to 6 hours (GPS off). With GPS battery time up to 3 hours. If you do not connect via Bluetooth and GPS the battery time is around 13.5 hours. Overall duration of use is lower than the W/ WS Walkman line, but Smart B-Trainer MP3 Players integrating with more features.

The Sony Smart B-Trainer price around $ 226 and will be expected release date is March 2015 in Japan.

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