Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Swarovski Edition

Samsang Galaxy Note Edge itself is a masterpiece of technology and unique design with a curved screen and even more especially if the back side of the phone is embellished with a 1800 crystal.


Swarovski Crystal Jewelry is the kind of luxurious and most expensive on the market today. Swarovski crystal is always shining like a rainbow in the county, especially a design with attractive 1800 crystals.


Specifically, a limited edition of Galaxy Note Edge sold in the Austrian market with 1800 sparkling Swarowski crystals on the back panel of the phone. This special edition is the result of collaboration between Samsung and Swarovski couture accessories company. The Swarovski crystals will contribute, especially on the Galaxy Note Edge and make them more elegant.


Currently, Samsung has not announced the official release date and price of the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Swarovski Edition. However, like the other Swarovski high-end accessories, crystals attaching by the manual method will enhance the range of products a lot. This means that you want to own Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Swarovski Edition, you will have to spend a lot of amount which far exceeds to original phone price. Earlier, Samsung and Swarovski also create luxury bracelet watches Smart Gears Swarovski and Samsung Note 4 Swarovski.

Check out Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Price below:

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