ReVault Wearable disguised as Wi-Fi hard drive priced from $169

ReVault is a mini size Wi-Fi hard drive, but can wear as a SmartWatch, which is its best feature.ReVault-Wearable-disguised-as-Wi-Fi-hard-drive-priced-from-$169

You can use ReVault as a hard drive for storing mobile and backup data from all the equipment that you have. Because it always with you anytime, anywhere, your data is always backed up carefully in the Watch, and when necessary can also use instantly through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections.

ReVault Wearable is a good idea, today everyone has a USB or portable hard drive, but ReVault is also in the form of Wearable which is very easy to use and you can always wear it on your hand wherever you go. Compatibility of ReVault very diverse because it plays with iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux, you will be provided with an accompanying app to retrieve data from ReVault (app like Dropbox). Regarding security elements, only the licensed device that you can retrieve data from ReVault, all data inside will be encrypted according to AES-256 protocol, you can also choose to password protect your app using single, or 2-factor authentication.ReVault-Wearable-disguised-as-Wi-Fi-hard-drive-priced-from-$169

ReVault Wearable in square shape, both ends has adapters to attach a wrist strap as watches or wristbands and key chains. It has a color display of screen 1.54 inches, a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, toughened Gorilla Glass 3, incorporating 3D Accelerometer sensor, battery life up to 3 days, waterproof and case is made of stainless steel.ReVault-Wearable

The screen can be used as a clock face or display the remaining capacity of storage, in addition the company also launched the API code to the programmer can create more clock face in the future. ReVault Smartwatch available in only two versions of 32 GB and 128 GB, price respectively $199 and $299, but if ordered early from today on Indiegogo, the prices only $169 and $269.ReVault-SmartWatch

Currently the ReVault Wi-Fi hard drive project progresses very positive because it just appeared on Indiegogo over 24 hours which has gained 97% of the amount needed to produce.


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