Razer DeathAdder V2 Gaming Mouse Review

DeathAdder V2 is a refreshing version of Razer ‘s legendary DA series and can be said to be the most popular gaming mouse line when it comes to this brand. The design hasn’t changed much, the form is still easy to hold and fits most hands, but the inside has been improved with a new sensor, and buttons.

Razer DeathAdder V2 Gaming Mouse Review

DeathAdder is the mouse series launched by Razer in 2006 and it is the company’s iconic mouse line because Razer has sold over 10 million Death Adder gaming mice. The popularity of the DA, along with its performance and unique design, makes it the most recognizable mouse in the gaming mouse world. So far, the DA series has dozens of game-specific variants like OW, Destiny, CoD or sensor upgrades, cut to reduce prices, but only this time, Razer has assigned DA Version 2. The design of DA V2 is still not much different from DeathAdder Elite at a glance.

The mouse length is still 127 mm, the ergonomic mouse form, but the DA V2 is slightly narrower at the point where the mouse handles (from the thumb to the little finger) and the back of the mouse are also lower than 2 mm. The difference is even more apparent when we hold both the DA V2 and DA Elite as the new DA series are very light, now weighing 82 g only while the old DA line is over 100 g.

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Light mouse gaming is a trend because we can better control the device and reduce fatigue over long playing. In addition to being light and compact, it also meets many grip styles from palm grip to claw or fingertips. Plastic material and surface treatment similar to DA Elite, lumpy, premium feeling. The two main mouse buttons are still very big and on the right key, it is not as large as before, the outer edge is cut off so this Razer DeathAdder V2 looks more balanced and slightly symmetrical when viewed from above.

Razer changed the switch on the two main mouse buttons to an optical switch instead of the standard Omron mechanical switch. So the feeling of pressing the two main mouse buttons on the DA V2 is slightly different from that of the DA Elite as well as many other Razer gaming mouse models that don’t use Razer’s optical switch. We found the keystroke a bit short but in return is extremely high sensitivity.

Razer DeathAdder V2 Review

Optical switches have the advantage of no longer using mechanical contact between the two metal components to record signals, faster response speed with only 0.2 ms and also greater durability. The high sensitivity makes it possible to perform quick operations, tapes with shorter journeys will also reduce fatigue if tapped. Two redesigned DPI quick keys, bigger and easier to press than designed on DA Elite. Nearby is the new generation scroll, which has been fine-tuned to provide the optimum feel of the scroll, balancing between continuous scrolls and step scrolls. The rubber ring has also been redesigned to increase feel and accuracy when scrolling.

Two side keys are more protrude than DA Elite, high bounce and feel more pressing. For the games like CoD: Warzone, you will need the hip key to perform the operation Mount the gun to the wall or obstacle to hide and shoot. The light on the DA V2 is unchanged from the DA Elite, the DeathAdder Chroma light is in the scroll and the Razer logo on the back of the mouse, customizing many effects in the Razer Synapse DeathAdder software. The cable on DA V2 is SpeedFlex type – first appeared on the Viper line and this is a super light braided cable, very low friction and soft to increase flexibility. Among wired gaming mice, Razer is making the best of this connection cable.

Underneath the Razer DeathAdder V2 is the new white mouse feet, the material is still PTFE – the material is coated on a high-quality non-stick pan with the advantage of high durability and low friction. This is also unknowingly the distinguishing feature between the new and old Razer mice with black feet. A button to quickly adjust the Profile stored in the built-in memory. It is very convenient if you have a habit of saving each game every DPI setting or light and do not want to use Razer Synapse software regularly. You can save up to 5 profiles with integrated memory on the DA V2. The sensor on the DA V2 is a Focus+ sensor, a variant of PixArt PMW3399 and is currently the best reading on a mouse. Razer is equipping this reading line on most new mouse models from Basilisk to Viper and the future may be all Razer mice from wired to wireless.

Focus+ sensor has many noteworthy parameters such as 20,000 DPI, very higher pixel accuracy to 99.6% and importantly, the tracking speed of 650 IPS is more than enough for you to have super fast hand wave when playing FPS games. It also has many new features such as Smart Tracking that automatically adjusts lift-off according to the surface of the mousepad, Asymmetric Cut-Off to keep the mouse cursor stable with mouse lift and Motion Sync to smooth and fit.

Final line

DeathAdder V2 gaming mouse has its price checked on Amazon.com is still $69.99. The DeathAdder Elite popularity is falling deeply, probably to make room for DA V2. We think if you are using the DA Elite or the previous DA series, DA V2 is the suitable version to upgrade because it is much different about sensors and switches. Those who are starting to use a gaming mouse, the DA is the right mouse series to start by the easy-to-hold mouse form, both large and small hands can be used, palm grip, claw or fingertips are all fine and the DA V2 is very light making it a DA version is easy to control and easy to use.

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