Player One Astronomy Artemis-C Pro and Artemis-M Pro for Astrophotography with sensor cooling

Cytron Japan Co., Ltd. has introduced the Player One Astronomy Artemis-C Pro and Artemis-M Pro cooled cameras, tailored to cater to the demanding realm of astrophotography. What sets these two imaging devices apart is their shared utilization of Sony Four-Thirds format sensors. Specifically, the distinctive factor delineating the Player One Astro camera models lies in the sensors integrated within.

Player One Astro camera Artemis-C Pro

The Artemis-C Pro model houses the “IMX294” CMOS sensor, primed to capture a spectrum of colors in its imagery. In contrast, the Artemis-M Pro model houses the “IMX492” sensor, dedicated to monochromatic excellence.

The IMX294 color sensor within the Artemis-C Pro is renowned for its resolution prowess, clocking in at 4144 x 2824 pixels, amounting to an impressive 11.7 megapixels. This CMOS sensor, boasting a pixel dimension of 4.63 µm, fuels a formidable quantum conversion efficiency (QE) that approximates 76%, paired with a commendably low read noise level.

The monochromatic counterpart, the IMX492 within the Artemis-M Pro, presents a back-illuminated architecture that beckons an extraordinary quantum efficiency, peaking at approximately 90%. Beyond the standard 11.7 MP resolution, the Player One Astro camera gifts the capability to engage an ultra-high-resolution mode, unfurling an astonishing 46.8 million pixels (8288 x 5648), facilitated by a 2.315-micron pixel dimension.

The prowess of these devices isn’t solely confined to their sensors; the design engineering also deserves its due credit. Meticulously optimized chambers, coupled with an effective thermal insulation strategy employing a Teflon gasket, and a robust heat dissipation mechanism centered around a sizable heatsink, collaboratively enable the sensor’s temperature to plummet to an astonishing -40°C, ushering in optimal operational conditions. To combat potential condensation, the chambers incorporate a built-in heater, upholding an impeccable balance.

Player One Astro camera Artemis-M Pro

A distinctive trait of Player One Astronomy technology is its integration of dead pixel suppression (DPS) technology. This innovation facilitates the automatic identification and storage of faulty pixels within the camera’s internal memory. Consequently, the capturing process witnesses the significant mitigation of dead pixels through the application of seamless automatic correction.

Price and availability

Player One Astro camera features

  • Sensor: IMX492 (Artemis-M Pro) / IMX294 (Artemis-C Pro)
  • Format: 4/3 inch
  • Resolution: 8288×5644 @bin1/4144×2824 @bin2
  • Pixels: 48 MP (Artemis-M Pro) / 11.7 MP (Artemis-C Pro)
  • Mono Camera
  • ADC: 14bit
  • Main Port: USB3.0 Type-C/Second Port: USB2.0 Type- C/Power: 12V DC5.5×2.1
  • USB3.0 Mono Camera P

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