ONN W8 Bluetooth MP3 Player with Pedomater and FM Radio Recording

Choosing the perfect Bluetooth MP3 player for your needs can be a little overwhelming when you consider the number of brands and models that are currently on the market. There are some really great low cost players on the market that will give you all of the features that you need in your player. One of them is the ONN W8 Bluetooth MP3 player with Pedomater, loud speaker and FM Radio, upgraded from the ONN W7.  ONN W8 Bluetooth MP3 Player

There are a couple of things that you can do to find the right Bluetooth mp3 player for your needs. If you have determined that you must have a Bluetooth MP3 player, there are a number on the market.

Many people like to have their MP3 player for working out or for when they are at work. ONN W8 comes with Bluetooth functionality, so you can play the music through Bluetooth speaker or Bluetooth headset. If this is the intended use for your player, this Onn MP3 Player will be a good choice for you when it comes with a 1.8-inch TFT screen with (128 x 160 pixels) resolution that is rated to deliver a pixel density of 114ppi.

ONN W8 Bluetooth MP3 player is lightweight (120 grams) and compact (7.8mm thin) for use in the gym. You don’t want a bulky player that will hinder your workout and leave you looking for a place to put it while you are in the middle of your workout. 6

It has a slim design and controlled via physical buttons, which can be divided into two groups, three buttons are placed below the screen, and four navigation keys located separately as part of pad should be easy to navigate when workout.

The size of the storage space on the Bluetooth MP3 player is a major concern as well. Those who need a device with built-in memory, you should consider a player with a large enough built-in storage to have a good collection of music on it. The ONN W8 Bluetooth MP3 player that has 8GB of memory capacity that can easily store up to 2000 songs. 3

It not just a lightweight, but it also last long when it comes with a 450mAh battery that is rated to deliver a continuous playback time up to 30 hours via Bluetooth headset, and up to 50 hours when using 3.5mm wired headphones.

Finally, consider the cost of your device, this Bluetooth MP3 player is priced at $35.90 and available for purchase via Amazon.com. Make sure that you choose one that has everything you want and no extra features that you don’t want to pay for.

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