Microsoft introduced Universal Foldable Keyboard, price $ 99.95 at MWC 2015

At the MWC 2015 event, Microsoft has introduced a new Universal Foldable Keyboard accessory produced by Microsoft. A special feature of the device is foldable to fit into a pocket, so user can easily carry and move anywhere to serve the needs work.

Microsoft-introduced-Universal-Foldable-Keyboard,-price-$-99 Foldable Keyboard Reviews

Compact and foldable design is not the only one advantage of this Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard, because this product can be compatible with all three operating systems such as Android, iOS and Windows, of course smartphones with running Windows 10 too.

The full name of the keyboard is Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard. It has a similar design to the previous versions which is not able to fold and Bluetooth 4.0 to connect to other devices. Although this is a Microsoft keyboard, but it does not have the usual Windows key.

Microsoft-Universal-Foldable-Keyboard iPad Foldable Keyboard

Every key on the function keys are used to control audio, search functionality etc. This Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard can sync with a two devices simultaneously and switch between them with just one touch. When folded the keyboard will stick tightly together by magnets to avoid any drop.

This is just a simple keyboard and perfectly sync with all types of tablet or phone. It is compact, lightweight and thin only 5mm. Used in soft material and smooth surface to help user to type faster. In addition, it can also water resistant.

Universal-Foldable-Keyboard USB Foldable Keyboard

With this Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard, you can reply to emails or edit the lengthy content on the phone or tablet comfortably. Microsoft has not released information on battery life, but it has a microUSB port for charging.

Foldable Keyboard Bluetooth

Meanwhile, it is really interesting information from the past that new devices running Windows Phone 10 also support external Bluetooth Universal Keyboard. This new Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard price is $ 99.95 and available for user next May 2015.


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