LG G6 Signature OLED 4K Smart TV Now up for Pre-order

Recently, LG has expanded its 4K OLED TV series by announcing LG G6 Signature Series TV at CES 2016. Along with LG G6 OLED TV, LG also introduced 4 new products in this series, including Refrigerator Knock-on Door-in-Door called by LG, Washing Machine and Air purifier.LG Signature OLED TV

All these are most advanced Electronic products from South Korean giant LG Consumer Electronics in 2016 and the convergence of advanced technology to bring the best experience, the most advanced LG to bring to users.

LG G6 Signature OLED 4K Smart TV line of this year is the most advanced line, G6 has two screen sizes, including 65″ and 77″ along with the most advanced technologies that are in the hands of LG such as OLED, 4K, HDR and much more. In addition, the G6 Signature is designed completely different than the recent LG TV line. G6 is also the product of the combination of Harman Kardon sound system and LG is expressed through the similar design to the soundbar.LG Signature G6 OLED

Now talking about the LG G6 TV Price, yes very expensive, LG 65G6P and 65E6P can now be pre-ordered from Amazon store, LG 65E6P 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV has been priced at $6,999.99, while the LG 65G6P 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV listed with even higher pricing at $7,999.99.

This new LG G6 Signature OLED 4K Smart TV reached at 1000 nits of brightness and 0.0005 nits of darkness in order to serve HDR perfectly. As for the darkest areas do not need to say more because OLED technology is always up at this point is almost perfect. If you are watching movies is showing a black screen as possible, an impressive 10-bit color handling leads to colors that look beautifully subtle even in dark areas.LG OLED 77 G6

HDR is a technology most used on Smart TV of this year. Most of big companies have announced this feature on their products. We heard much about HDR on camera then now will hear more about HDR on TV. LG G6 OLED 4K TV compatible to play Dobly Vision HDR and HDR10 standard. With 65G6, it can apparently reproduce a huge 99 percent of the Digital Cinema Initiative’s color range. You can clearly see highlights and shadows in picture.

LG G6 should be the most advanced 4K OLED TV. This year company agreed to new standards for equipment and Premium 4K UltraHD content.LG G6 Review

The base of the LG G6 Signature TV carries a front-facing soundbar system which collaborated with Harman & Kardon. These units sold with V10 earphones edited by Harman Kardon. LG also admitted that it was designed by Harman Kardon to have features such as a Soundbar, no need to add an external soundbar.

LG G6 Signature comes with an incredible thin OLED screen is further enhanced by the glass plate extending slightly beyond the super-slim black frame that sits directly around the screen. It helps to achieve a maximum thickness and eliminate side borders as a regular TV. This is the main highlight of the G6 makes it different from other TVs.LG G6 OLED Review

LG G6 Signature OLED 4K Smart TV runs latest WebOS 3.0 comes with many improvements. High brightness and contrast allows us to see the completely different pictures than other 4K TV. The back panel is fully mirror glass reflective, displays extremely thin substrates.

Check out LG G6 Signature Price below:

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  1. are you kidding 1000 nits really

  2. Where did you obtain the info of 1000 nits of brightness from. Have you tested the tv yourself. If so maybe you could reveal your info in a more detailed review with figures on the motion resolution and colour spectrum and if they have dealt with the screen burn problem. I think maybe this is all wishful thinking. The tv is a great looking tv but lg for some reason have been draging their heels on getting the tv properly tested by people who know what they are talking about. You would think that they would be milking their product for all the free
    advertising they could get. Instead nothing of any substance has been revealed for what seems like a month. Very strang indeed. Still i will wait until something of real substance is said befor passing my own judgement .

    • It’s claimed by LG and that information provided at CES 2016.

      • So it is not a fact. Unless you can measure it with your eyes alone , because You seem to give the impression that what you have been told is a fact without taking any measuements to verify it as true?

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