iPhone 5s smartphone Review with Touch ID Technology

iPhone 5S is a perfect designer phone, The first thing to mention is the design. Usually the upgrade the name of Apple iPhone 5 with the letter S, which is a new upgraded version. However, the phone can be considered as an exception.

iPhone 5s smartphone Review

Apple iphone review and designing :

iPhone 5S with a significant change in appearance the most attention is the Home button. Touch ID technology using fingerprint recognition is also new, apple cell phone has created a home button with a metal ring of the same color, make it seamless and much more luxurious.

iPhone 5S has complete with sophisticated design, One big difference is the flash on the back side of the camera. 5S improvements with dual flash LED in two different colors are white and yellow create greater color accuracy when hit flash, more authentic sense.

The remaining details are similar to the iPhone 5 with technology, edges and polished. On the other hand, a point worth noting is that the iPhone 5S color. The phone is in 3 colors: Gold Metal, Silver, White and Space Gray. The device thickness of the 7.6mm, and weight 112g, very slim and classy.

iPhone 5S with Touch ID fingerprint identification technology, which is very simple and accurate. Fingerprint recognition technology has been a long cherished, now it has actually been confirmed officially. Touch ID is formed by a layer of hardware sensor just below the Home button with only 0.17mm thin, sensitivity up to 500 ppi and can be extremely accurate scans at different angles touch without any annoying.

With fingerprint recognition technology, you no longer need to enter the password, just tapping the Home button to open. According to the reputable sources, the ability to recognize accuracy is excellent, even when you hit the Home button at many different angles, makes the utmost convenience to users.

The home key surface is made of high quality stone Sapphire which is scratch resistance makes it more fantastic product. As announced by Apple, the Touch ID can identify many different fingerprint and security, and not shared with other applications on the Apple iCloudserver, so the higher security this one is perfect. Users are purchasing the application from the apple retail store. In the future, Apple will be able to develop many more unique features on the Touch ID.

iphone specs:

This is a first 64-bit processors smartphones, it’s equipped the Apple A7 chip will more double power from iPhone 5, It will be stronger and 40 times faster processing and 56 times higher graphics capabilities. This is a product with the most advanced processor of Apple as of the moment.

Apple has always been known for its heavy hardware, operating system and software performance, this one is extremely stable, fast and smooth, long-term use is not slow. It’s operating system tuned to the new 64bit processor to run the smoothest and fastest powerful processor.

Besides, the iPhone 5S is equipped with an auxiliary processor called M7 handles other tasks such as sensor, etc. M7 chip, especially help the processing of information from the sensors with higher accuracy, while A7 chip reducing the load, M7 has the ability to work simultaneously.

iphone 5s cameras:

iPhone has a superior camera with an upgrade of light-sensitive sensor, lens and flash. It has 8 megapixel resolution rear cameras, but the image quality of this phone will make a difference because it has sensor technology with 1.5 mega pixel front camera also has lens and a new flash. The size of each pixel is very lighter means the ability to get the picture is more powerful and sensible with less interference that helping you with a better experience. It’s also improving shooting mode, especially at night.

Ultra-definition apple 5s camera, the new lens is made with five lens elements. This new lens to achieve maximum aperture of f/2.2, ability to get better shots. It’s is equipped with a new dual LED technology with 2 different LED colors: a white light or yellow light. When you hit flash, its create an image with a more natural color, showing more realistic, not any wrong color.

The camera of the iPhone 5S is also capable of full HD 1080p video recording at 30 frames/sec, and HD 720p at a rate of 120 frames/sec. 120fps video recording capability allows users to create slow motion effect which is very smooth with full detail. It also supports all format like mpeg4 video content of any bitrate.

Rear camera with various modes like simple HDR and Panorama, In addition, the front camera also capable to record 720 HD video, face detection support.

Every time Apple launches a new product with new accessories which are extremely convenient and diverse. With this mobile Apple also launched a genuine leather case with a textured outer surface, anti-shock, anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint stick with advanced processing technology. This case is of course having enough space for the camera, speaker, and connection.

iPhone 5S Price:

iPhone 5S Price in USA around in $ 549, you can also buy this phone at online stores with preferential rates and more attractive features. You can also check out latest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 vs iPhone 5s comparison in this site.

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