Honor 8 Camera Mod to Enhance Image and Video Quality

Huawei Honor 8 was one of the most balanced and appreciated smartphone of the 2016 and so on, and continues to be appreciated by its users as well as the an independent developers that improves the functionality through special Mod. For example, the ‘Honor 8 Camera Mod’ which, as the name suggests, allows you to further increase its dual camera capabilities.

Honor 8 Camera

The description given by the author of the Honor 8 Camera Mod is undoubtedly promising the photos would have to acquire more detail, greater dynamic range, better performance in low light conditions and a more convincing exposure management. According to allegations made by the source, the improvements also include higher bitrate video recording too.

Honor 8 Camera Mod Features:

  • Jpg Compression Quality set to 100%
  • Larger Image Buffer
  • Higher Bitrate 1080p Video Recording (28mbps)
  • Better Chroma Conversion between B&W & Colour Sensor
  • Higher rate of B&W Sensor Detail mixed with blend matrix
  • Larger colour information flow from colour sensor in blend matrix
  • Better overall handling of ISO exposure settings
  • Better low light performance
  • Less noise in low ISO
  • More aggressive handling of high ISO aliasing
  • Extra frame of bracketing for HDR modes

According to the developer, the captured images will now be significantly larger than before, on average between 6 to 8-megapixels and over 12 to 16-megapixels using DOF Focus mode. Videos will also have larger file sizes as the bitrate has increased.

For more information about the Mod and installation, please visit the official post at XDA. Honor 8 phone can be purchased online through Amazon store for $339.79 for 32GB and $394.56 for 64GB unlocked models.

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