Harman Kardon Luna Review: Style, Portability, and Sound

Harman Kardon presents Luna: a compact, yet stylish Bluetooth speaker. Despite its size, it promises exceptional sound quality—an assurance common among Bluetooth speaker makers. Thus, delving into the Harman Kardon Luna review becomes imperative. Does its elegance match its sound performance, or is it merely a visual delight?

Harman Kardon Luna Review

Harman Kardon Luna Review

Design and features

The design takes precedence at Harman Kardon—a brand synonymous with top-tier quality.

The Luna stands out as a remarkably elegant Bluetooth speaker upon initial inspection, setting itself apart from the commonplace options flooding the market.

Yet, its fundamental design doesn’t venture into groundbreaking territory; rather, it executes simplicity with exceptional finesse.

Harman Kardon Luna Review

Measuring 210 x 78 x 80 mm and weighing 710 g, the speaker adopts an oval shape, cloaked in a linen fabric exterior by Harman Kardon.

The top boasts a metal cover housing the embedded control buttons, while a lone USB C port for charging resides on the back, internally sealed for IP67 water protection.

This sealing enables the speaker to withstand submersion without sustaining damage, though deliberately testing this feature is not advised.

Battery longevity falls a tad short of impressive, hovering at “up to 12 hours” as per the Harman Kardon Luna review test, where it clocked around 10 hours of use.

Sound performance

Harman Kardon prices the Luna at $150, delivering speakers that, frankly, offer superior sound for the investment. Nevertheless, most of these options come in significantly larger sizes.

Typically, larger speakers tend to excel in sound performance or find it easier to produce high-quality audio. If compact dimensions aren’t your priority, superior sound options exist elsewhere.

Harman Kardon Luna Review

In the subsequent section, we aim to delineate and evaluate the speaker’s sound profile, factoring in its size.

Initially, we anticipated the Luna to resemble a “sister model” to the JBL Charge 5, given their similarities in sound architecture. Both sport two drivers: a tweeter/midrange driver on the right and a woofer driver on the left, accompanied by passive drivers on the sides (considering JBL and Harman Kardon’s affiliation).

However, the audio output from these speakers varies notably.

Let’s commence with the highs—they’re decent but lean a tad toward the warmer spectrum. For our preferences, enhancing the brilliance and lightness of the lower highs would be favorable.

The mids captivate us. Rendering a wonderfully rounded and rich sound, the speaker excels in this range. It beautifully reproduces voices, delivering a natural and robust vocal performance.

Harman Kardon Luna Review

The bass holds its ground admirably. While not a bass powerhouse—steering clear of blasting bass to extremes—the compact dimensions ensure a pleasantly full and rich bass. It possesses depth and richness, resonating with a satisfying roundness.

Ultimately, the Harman Kardon Luna boasts a pleasantly warm and rounded sound profile. In direct comparison, the JBL Charge 5 exudes a touch more dynamism with pronounced highs and lows, yet the Luna outshines in its tonal depth, perhaps exuding a more relaxed demeanor.

Final line

The Harman Kardon Luna stands as an undeniably stylish and high-quality speaker. If your quest is for a portable speaker that exudes sophistication without compromising on quality, this is your go-to choice.

In our assessment, the design of the Harman Kardon Luna unequivocally achieves success.

The sound performance leaves a positive impression as well. It offers a rich, laid-back sound with a solid bass foundation. Vocals are impressively articulated, contributing to the speaker’s overall rounded sound.

However, for our preference, a touch more airiness in the sound would enhance its appeal.

Consequently, our suggestion would be this: if design takes a backseat in your priorities, consider exploring the JBL Charge 5 (REVIEW). It shares a similar structure yet, in our opinion, delivers slightly superior sound quality.

Price and availability

It can be purchased on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk for $139.84 and £149.99, respectively.


  • Stylish Design
  • High-Quality Build
  • Sound Quality
  • Portability


  • Lacks Airiness in Sound
  • Comparative Sound Quality

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