Galaxy Note 4 : super smartphone with metallic finish

If at IFA 2014, Samsung has made you a great impression with the company’s smartphone devices are coming to the Galaxy Note 4 is officially sold out, you will still have to be better measured with some money to own a super smartphone is. According to a recently Galaxy Note 4 News, will be priced around $ 800. Galaxy Note 4 Release Date is up coming 10/10, will be available in all retail stores.

Galaxy Note 4

With metal rim class has been added to Galaxy Note 4, Samsung has broken the rigid leaves often found in this manufacturer. Samsung has officially introduced to consumers Samsung Note 4 in a side event organized by self at IFA 2014. Along with the Galaxy S5, this will be the duo of Samsung’s flagship product this year. Besides the new features and attractions, Samsung also has a lot of changes in terms of configuration and design of this smartphone.

Along with the Galaxy S series, Galaxy Note is one of the major product lines, which is always focused on consumers.
Looking through the locks, the Galaxy Note 4 is not much different than the Galaxy Note 3. However, when going into the details, can easily see the changes appear on this Samsung Galaxy 4 Tablet.

The first is in the metallic trim details. It seems that after the debut of the Galaxy Alpha, metal rim will become a common feature in these smartphones from Samsung. This class helps Note 4 edges become luxurious and feels like hand grip than the chip plastic rim metal layer on the Galaxy Note 3. At the back, also be made ​​of leather. But the way the design has been changed to go more or less than the previous version. A more significant change in Note 4 is located in the screen quality of this phone. Though the 5.7-inch screen possesses similar Note 3 but with 2K resolution 1440×2560 pixels, Note 4 delivers a pixel density greater than 1.78 times the predecessor.

Galaxy Note 4 will have 2 versions of the configuration, in which a version possesses a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor. Other versions use Exynos 5433 chip with octa cores 1.3 GHz Cortex-A53 and 1.9GHz Cortex A57. Both versions will have 3GB of RAM, 64GB of internal memory.  The smartphone will have a 16 megapixel camera on the back and the 3.7 megapixel resolution on the front. Of course Samsung Note 4 comes with the S-Pen stylus with greater sensitivity with the addition of many new features.

Samsung with the promised changes on Galaxy Note 4, which many people also expect the what improvements will be applied to a new version of the S-Pen this time. According to what was introduced by Samsung S-Pen stylus on this new smartphone will bring a significant improvement in the user experience of writing. This is due to the increased sensitivity of the Samsung S-Pen stylus up at 2048 levels, which is double the 1024 levels of old S-Pen stylus.

Besides increasing the sensitivity of the S-Pen, Samsung also offers many significant changes in terms of software to optimize operations on Galaxy Note 4 Now when you want to capture an image anywhere on the screen of devices from Samsung, users just touch the pen selection screen capture feature, then perform a simple drag and drop to select the area want to drop. Besides, there are plenty of features related to pen another manufacturer from Korea optimized in this release.

Sources said the Galaxy Note 4 will start at the equivalent of Galaxy Note 3, in the Russian market. Galaxy Note 3 Price Drop, it will be sold for 34490 rubles. Often the price of electronic goods in Europe and Moscow will be higher than other markets from 20-30%, so we can expect the price will fall in Note 4 about $750. This price is higher than the $ 100 starting price of the Galaxy S5, are consistent with pricing for Samsung’s line of Galaxy Notes and the S smartphones ever.

Galaxy Note 4 opens a new direction for the product line of Samsung Note, while this will be the first smartphone under the Note line possesses a solid aluminum frame, super sharp screen Quad HD Super AMOLED 5.7 inch size, 16MP camera supports OIS optical stabilization. Samsung brings the line representing with software upgrades, hardware configuration, and camera visibility. Among the changes, the camera features emphasize a lot more.

Galaxy Note 4 Camera Features:

In terms of specifications, Front camera with a 3.7 megapixel and 16 megapixel camera on the back. With the camera before it will have an aperture of f/1.9 camera while later, Note 4 will further support the ability to shoot in low light with the arrival of LED flash.

The rear camera also provides the ability to shoot movies with 4K quality and take pictures with a resolution of 3456×4608 pixels maximum reach. Samsung Note 4 also  provides many smart shooting features like Dual Shot, shooting 2 cameras simultaneously on both front and back. It’s also have Geo-tagging features, touch-focus capabilities and face recognition.

One of the highlights of the camera on the Galaxy Note 4 of this year is the emergence of technology Optical Image Stabilizer Smart (Smart OIS). This technology will support a maximum user to record moments of movement and minimize the blurry picture, net out due to shaky hands or shooting while moving.

With selfie photography is becoming the new trend of the global mobile industry, Samsung has quickly seized opportunities when fitted to Note 4 pretty much the upgrade improves quality selfie pictures. With the significant changes in terms of hardware of Samsung Note 4 Images.  Samsung Note 4 has raised the ability to shoot in low light with the front camera up to 60% compared to the previous generation smartphones.

Most of people feel the most interesting features in the camera to shooting wide Selfie pictures. With wide Selfie, users can capture images with a much wider angle than previous times. The maximum limit that can Selfie offers up to 120 degrees. With this, we will capture panorama pictures with the front and rear camera of Note 4.

Galaxy Note 4 Specs:

  • Dimensions of 153.50×78.60×8.50mm
  • Weight of 176g
  • Display of 5.70 inches
  • Resolution of 1440×2560 pixels
  • Rear Camera of 16 mega pixels
  • Front Camera of 3.7 mega pixel
  • Android 4.4 kitkat operating system
  • 1.9 GHz octa-core Processor
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 Chip
  • Cortex A57
  • 3GB of RAM
  • Internal memory of 64GB
  • Connectivity of 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and Micro-USB
  • Battery capacity of 3220mAh
  • Micro Sim support

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