Fujifilm announced the schedule of new X-Mount lenses

Recently, the Fujiflm Camera manufacturer announced the roadmap of new X-Mount lenses from 2015 to 2017.Fujifilm-announced-the-schedule-of-new-X-Mount-lenses Fuji X Lens Roadmap

Accordingly, this year we will have XF 35mm F/2 lens in November and next year will be a super zoom telephoto 100-400mm F/4.5-5.6 lens. When Fujifilm X-PRO1 CHEC launches, supplied with a 35mm F/1.4R lens. So XF 35mm F/2 lens can be attached to the X-PRO2 kit launch later this year. The Fuji X Lens Lineup below:

  • XF90mm – (already published, available in July of this year)
  • XF35mm – (unpublished, available in November of this year)
  • x1.4 Tele Converter – (unpublished, available at 11/12 of this year)
  • 100-400 XF – (unpublished, available in May 3/2016)
  • XF 120mm – (unpublished, available in May 7/2016)

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