Facebook Moments: Auto face detection, location and create albums

Moments is a new application of Facebook Creative Labs, it is able to create photo album of a group of people at the event. To correct identifications the Moments will use GPS (geo-tagging) and face recolonization algorithms. For example, there are many people taking great photos throughout the day. You all want a quick way to share your photos with the friends who are in them, and get photos that you’re in back. The same is true for smaller events too, like a kayak trip or a night out. Check out Facebook Moments Video below:


Once the album has been created, each individual in that album can see their pictures and share it externally by saving the Camera Roll or upload to Instagram. In default mode, the image is stored only in the Facebook Moments application without being put out to ensure the privacy of users. You can also choose certain people to sync your photos.Facebook-Moments--Auto-face-detection,-location-and-create-albums

If you live in the US, Download Facebook Moments for iOS here and Moment App for Android here.

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