Facebook Hello Application for calls, messaging and automatically block unwanted calls

Today, Facebook launched new Hello Android App designed to replace the default call system on Android phones.Facebook-Hello-Application

The Facebook Hello app works with your Facebook account, update personal information of friends, lets call, send a message through Messenger instead of the mobile network and also can block unexpected calls and messages.

You can download Facebook Hello for Android.


After the failure of the Facebook Home Launcher, Facebook Hello Kitty is the next attempt to create a Facebook on Android Phone. To encourage users to switch to Hello, integrated application features a very interesting and useful it is automatically blocked calls from phone numbers of other people who were intercepted on Facebook.

Facebook Hello Features:

  • Tells you who is calling even when his phone number is not stored in the phonebook
  • Easily block unwanted calls
  • Automatically block calls
  • Search the telephone directory, people and places on Facebook without switch application
  • Always update the latest information from the phone book, including avatars and birthdays
  • Open the personal history and the page with one touch
  • Free call and messaging through Messenger
  • Add and edit contacts, similar to the default phone book

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