Blackberry Passport in red color at $699

We have a great news for Blackberry fans, we have a new Blackberry Passport smartphone with bright red color. The red version of the Blackberry Passport will be released in next December, along with the white version.

Blackberry Passport red

Currently BlackBerry released the Blackberry Passport with only in one black version on the market. However, do not stop here, the actual leak information about the Blackberry with white version will come on the market. And at Christmas there may be another version of the Blackberry Passport in red color. The initial success of the Passport has lit up the hope for rescue and revive the Blackberry brand. Because of this, Blackberry Passport Black version constantly being cured for the current time. Along with the black version, It will going to be adding red and white version.

Accordingly, the red version of the Blackberry Passport will begin sale on the next in 25-12, the same time officially sold out of the white version. The BlackBerry Passport Cost of red version will be $ 699 equivalent to approximately 42,971 INR. Currently the ownership pattern intends phones can be purchased in advance at the official website of the BlackBerry sale on Amazon’s electronics market.

With an emphasis on the business class, the BlackBerry Passport carries trendy design, elegance with a traditional Qwerty keyboard with the advent of square touch screen display. More specifically, it also has unique buttons on the phone is also equipped with touch features, which is more convenient for users to type quickly and more comfortably and the space is also good so you cannot touch another part of the screen while being typed.

If Blackberry Passport multiple versions are launched, will keep users can have more than one choice, not better meet the needs of the users that the Passport smartphone will also bring the trendy style with white and red version. The BlackBerry Passport Price little high around $699.

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