Bethesda releases the DLC Prey Mooncrash and other Interesting News at E3 2018

Prey Mooncrash is the first DLC announced by Bethesda on the occasion of the E3 2018, dedicated to the award-winning and perhaps a little-underestimated Prey, sci-fi shooter released in 2017 on consoles and PCs. Immediately available as a downloadable content for a fee of $19.99 and once installed, you will be catapulted on the Lunar base of TranStar, where you will deal with enemies, dangers, objectives to be completed and objects to be recovered.

Prey Mooncrash

Mooncrash is linked to the original game, shortly after the final event. Peter, a hacker on board a spy satellite tasked with intercepting TranStar communications, must find out why communications have been interrupted.

During the development of this DLC, Bethesda has focused on a constantly evolving gaming system, with the setting changing and becoming more and more dangerous in a dynamic way, and a series of challenges that can be repeated indefinitely that will compose the single-player campaign.

The game mechanics resumes that of the classic like, in which enemies, weapons, and objectives change in the face of an ever-increasing alien threat. Do not miss the opportunity to unlock new characters, weapons, and psychic abilities, to be able to escape as soon as possible from the dangerous ship.

Prey Mooncrash is available in DLC only at $19.99 or Digital Deluxe which includes Prey for $39.99. To play you will obviously have to own the original title (available for PC and console).

Finally, Bethesda has also announced a free patch for the Prey 2017, with different optimizations, improvements, and a new level of difficulty and Typhon Hunter, an update for the DLC that will implement the multiplayer. Typhon Hunter will resemble a sort of compelling hide and seek in which a single survivor will be hunted by five other players who can become mimic. His arrival is scheduled during the summer.


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