Best TV Wall Mounts: Which One I Should Buy

Even the best smart TV would lose its appeal if it were badly mounted in our room. That’s why today’s guide, we dedicate to the Best TV Wall Mounts, what better accessory to improve the decor of your new living room?

Best TV Wall Mounts

Today, the Internet is coming in many areas of application and because of this our daily lifestyle has also become of high quality. Smart security system, air conditioners, voice assistants and smart TVs are almost ubiquitous and should not be surprising that all kinds of technological devices are an integral part of our lifestyle – sometimes unavoidable.

Therefore, in today’s guide, we will focus on an accessory that helps to transform a “simple” smart TV into a real piece of furniture. What are we referring to? Of course, TV wall mount installation!

How to choose a TV Wall Mounts: Types, Materials, and Design

As anticipated in the introduction, choosing a wall mount for TV can mean “lighten” the furniture of a room, perhaps small or too rich in furniture, and allows a better organization of the environment. That is why we have prepared a collection of the Best TV Wall Mounts brackets. Before entering into the merits of our purchasing guide, however, it is worth listing some criteria that could guide you in choosing the Best TV Wall Mounts in relation to your needs.


How much mobility do you need for your TV? The choices are three:

  • Fixed support: suitable for all heavy devices, it blocks the television against the wall, reducing its overall dimensions.
  • Folding support (tilt): direct evolution of the fixed support, allows the movement of the TV on the vertical plane to choose the best viewing angle.
  • Swivel bracket: allows a very wide mobility on three dimensions thanks to a structure comparable to a real mechanical arm able to make each, the smart TV will become an active element of furniture inside the room, will movable in all the directions.

Materials and design

As is very often the case with accessories, in the case of a TV wall mounts, it is very true that the price reflects the constructive refinement. On the other hand, materials that are too light (and low cost) will put the TV at risk of falling. Is it worth it? Rhetorical question, obviously. Our advice is to rely on steel stirrups (or at least quality certified by the manufacturer).

Another element to take into consideration is represented by the design. On the other hand, even the eye wants its part and certainly will be able to choose the best solution in relation to their taste given a large number of models currently available on the market.

Vesa Wall Mount Standard:

Another element to consider for a truly conscious purchase of the best wall mounts is the VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) mounting standard. VESA, among other parameters, defines (and – precisely – standardizes) the vertical and horizontal distance between the holes on the rear panel of the TV to which you will have to hook the TV stand.

The most common values depend on the size of the panel:

  • 200 × 200 (mm) for screens up to 32″;
  • 400 × 400 mm up to 60″;
  • 600 × 600 mm up to 84″.

So, shred of patience to correctly choose the best wall mount for TV.

Best TV Wall Mounts:

Cheetah Mounts

It is impossible not to start our guide with three models of TV wall mounts proposed by Cheetah Mounts that stand out for a very competitive price and, unexpectedly, also for good construction (the reviews are clear).

[amazon box=”B00DIF2BO2″ /] [amazon box=”B0088RIV1W” /] [amazon box=”B002MYQTEI” /]

Sanus Systems MF215-B1

[amazon box=”B00UNR0KH8″ /]

The price will not be among the cheapest but certainly, the quality repays the small economic effort. This flat screen tv wall mount guarantees compatibility for screens up to 39″ (up to 27 kg in weight). Virtual Axis 3D technology allows for smooth and safe 360-degree movements.

VideoSecu Full Motion

VideoSecu full motion tv wall mounts are made of durable steel, this TV bracket guarantees a high load capacity, allowing complete movement in all directions (tilt, rotation, and tilt). Supports VESA standard as well.

[amazon box=”B001LL5JDA” /] [amazon box=”B003O1UYHG” /] [amazon box=”B001TICH08″ /] [amazon box=”B0032PHZ1W” /]

Mounting Dream

The Mounting Dream brand also proposes a very interesting tv wall mounting brackets, available in different configurations (double rotation, rotation, slim and tilt) to satisfy the most varied needs. The maximum weight load up to 132 lbs and VESA standard supported starting from 200 x 200mm to 600 x 400mm. All Mounting Dream TV brackets wall mount is equipped with up to 10-year warranty.

[amazon box=”B06XZ6HZV6″ /] [amazon box=”B071ZH4SMY” /] [amazon box=”B00QQH66AO” /] [amazon box=”B0788QDNL5″ /] [amazon box=”B06XDL6YLQ” /]

Dual Monitor Mount

We also include in our collection this interesting dual screen mounts, especially useful for workstations that need a dual monitor. For this purpose, we included few best dual monitor mounts that also supports curved screen displays and structures of these products are also extremely versatile and flexible, allowing the rollover, rotation, and movement in all directions of the individual mounted screens.

[amazon box=”B009S750LA” /] [amazon box=”B018MU3SAS” /] [amazon box=”B00C5H5DN0″ /] [amazon box=”B01DGVDLFU” /] [amazon box=”B07BXGNS8J” /] [amazon box=”B01I9F03JU” /] [amazon box=”B00393KNVQ” /] [amazon box=”B003W5R9P4″ /]

Top 10 best sellers TV Wall Mounts on Amazon

As anticipated, when it comes to buying accessories that must bear the weight (this is the case) of very expensive devices, it is not advisable to skimp on the price. Nevertheless, we report, as usual, the ranking of the 10 best-selling TV Wall Mounts on Amazon. This is because the analysis of purchase trends in relation to reviews, very often, is an excellent test for the actual quality of the products.

[amazon bestseller=”TV Wall Mounts” items=”10″]

TV Wall Mount Installation

We conclude our guide dedicated to the best TV wall mounts with a nod to editing. All the devices listed in our selection include the assembly kit and instructions for correct positioning and fixing to the wall of the supporting metal structure. Happy mounting.

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