Go Green and Save with EcoFlow Delta 2 Max: Includes Free Solar Panels

EcoFlow is proud to expand its collection of the best backup solar generator for home and outdoors with the Delta 2 Max. This portable solar power inverter generator boasts a capacity of 2,048 Wh, can provide up to 3,100 W of power through its X-Boost technology, and is expandable and durable.

best backup solar generator for home EcoFlow Delta 2 Max

EcoFlow presents the best backup solar generator for home and outdoor use—the Delta 2 Max. This versatile device can function as a rechargeable battery when combined with the new solar system, and it also serves as a reliable mobile power source or emergency backup solution.

Following the successful launch of the Delta 2 in August 2022 (approx. $899 / £1,099 on Amazon), the manufacturer is now expanding the Delta 2 series with the introduction of the Max version. This latest iteration inherits the incredible features of the Delta Max from the previous generation, providing nearly twice the capacity of the classic Delta Powerstation, specifically 2,048 Wh. For users seeking even more power, the Delta 2 Max Extra battery (approx. $1,399 on Amazon) can increase the capacity up to an impressive 6,144 Wh.

Equipped with high-quality LFP batteries, the Delta 2 Max offers exceptional durability, with a manufacturer-promised capacity reduction of only 20 percent after 3,000 charging cycles—equivalent to approximately ten years of daily use. Additionally, EcoFlow provides a 5-year guarantee, ensuring long-lasting performance.

The built-in inverter delivers a remarkable 3,100 W in X-Boost mode, enabling it to power up to 99 percent of household appliances via its 2,400 W AC output. With a total of 13 connections, including various USB A/C ports, this portable solar power inverter generator offers versatile charging options. It can be charged either through the AC input, supporting up to 2,300 W, or via solar power, with a capacity of up to 1,000 W. According to the manufacturer, the charging process from 0 to 100 percent takes a mere 81 minutes using AC charging, while solar charging requires only 2.3 hours under ideal conditions.

EcoFlow Delta 2 Max price and availability

The new portable solar generator’s price is $1,899 and is available for purchase on Amazon.com. As a special offer, customers can enjoy a generous 10% discount and receive 2 110W Solar Panels worth $798 free. For customers in the UK, the Delta 2 Max is available for purchase on Amazon.co.uk for £1,899, without any discount applied.

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