Razer Kitsune Arcade Controller for PC and PS5 with RGB lighting and linear switches

Razer unveils a unique arcade stick without stick designed specifically for enthusiasts of beat ’em up games, showcasing lightning-fast optical switches, a quartet of precision movement buttons, and an exceptionally sleek casing to facilitate convenient transportation.

Razer Kitsune arcade stick without stick price and release date

Branded as the Razer Kitsune, this arcade controller emerges as a premium offering that aims to surpass the performance of conventional fight sticks. In pursuit of this goal, Razer has gone beyond the norm by equipping it with a complete array of arcade buttons. Notably, the hallmark joystick has been substituted with a quartet of directional buttons, heralding a heightened level of precision in character control and a reduction in input errors.

Despite their relatively limited travel distance, these buttons shine thanks to their linear optical switches, ensuring rapid and accurate responsiveness. Razer proudly boasts an impressively low input latency of under 5 milliseconds when paired with a PC, and a slightly extended latency of around 6 milliseconds when connected to a Sony PlayStation 5. It’s important to note that the Razer Kitsune is exclusively tailored for these platforms and lacks official compatibility with others such as the Xbox Series X or the Nintendo Switch. In any scenario, connectivity is facilitated through a detachable USB-C cable, which features a locking mechanism to prevent unintended disconnections.

Razer Kitsune arcade stick without stick price and release date

An ingenious lock switch is integrated to deactivate unused buttons, preempting inadvertent inputs. The metallic cover of the Razer Kitsune can be detached, allowing users to personalize its appearance post-purchase. The sleek 19.2-millimeter thin casing simplifies the portability aspect. Elevating the gaming ambiance, an RGB LED strip adorns the perimeter of the casing, offering synchronization potential with other components through Razer Chroma. In terms of weight, the stick registers at a manageable 800 grams.

Razer Kitsune arcade stick without stick price and release date

For those eager to embrace the Razer Kitsune arcade controller, it’s now conveniently available on the digital shelves of Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk, priced at $299.99. Additionally, the Chun-Li and Cammy Editions stand as premium variants, each priced at $329.99.

Looking back to 2018, Razer introduced the Panthera Evo game controller, a product born from the collaborative efforts of the Fighting Game Community (FGC). This accessory, modeled after the arcade stick design, is expertly honed for superior control in fighting games—offering a more suitable alternative to conventional gamepads and keyboards in this genre.

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