Android Q or Android 10 Features Leaked: 3D Face ID, Enhance Security, and More

In the leaked source of the Android Q many new features have been discovered, most notably is the Google has supported the 3D face recognition from the root, system-level screen recording tool, and support app downgrades. Android Q will also be Android 10 according to the leaked files.

Android Q or Android 10 Features:

3D Face Recognition

Previously Android only supports the 2D faces, ie using the front camera to scan the face, this method has poor accuracy, easy to be fooled and not fast. Firms want to use 3D face recognition like Xiaomi, Huawei has to do with its own software. Now it is no longer needed, Android has supported it from the root, saving time and cost for the company. Hope this 2019 will have more handsets to support 3D face recognition.

Block apps from clipboard

Clipboard is a temporary area to store everything that you copy, assuming you copy your password or bank account number, it may be badly sneaked by the app. Now, Android Q sets a limited number of which apps are allowed and is not allowed to access the clipboard when running in the background. The details are unclear.

App downgrades

If you want to go back to an older version of the app, you can do it with Android Q. Currently, Android only provides upgrades, not downgrading the app, so you have to uninstall the app that is currently installed and find the APK file again.

External storage management

Android Q has a new way to secure files located on the microSD card. Apps are now not allowed to access images, videos, location data of images, music … if they are on the memory card. You must authorize the app to do this before it can be done. Access to internal memory is a separate right.

Location management

Google will require a separate permission if the app needs to use location and tracking features, you must allow it to access your location data now.

Physical activity recognition

When you step out of the house, doing sports, walking etc. Android Q can detect that and notify the necessary apps. Of course, if you have to give permission, this feature can help for automation applications.

Screen recording

Now Android Q has a system-level screen recording tool, you don’t need to install a third-party app anymore. This tool also appears clearly for you to use, not hidden as previous versions. You can share the clip after recording, support voice recording.

Emergency button

When holding down the power button on Android Q, you can use the new Emergency button to immediately contact the police, ambulance etc.

Other functions:

  • Quick Settings allow to turn off certain sensors
  • When an app is collecting location, voice, or sensitive data, there will be a small notification below the screen to let you know.
  • Notification management with a new interface
  • Support for WPA3 Wi-Fi security standard
  • Added 5G and 5G + symbols in Android Q
  • Android Q = Android 10


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