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Cooler Master MasterKeys MK851 Mechanical Keyboard for Gamers at CES 2018

The Cooler Master has unveiled a new Mechanical Keyboard called MasterKeys MK851 at CES 2018, which features Aimpad’s analog input technology.

Cooler Master MK851 Mechanical Keyboard

Cooler Master MasterKeys MK851 features a new analog input technology which is centered around 8 specific analog keys, including the WASD keys. All these eight keys are pressure sensitive, which give better control as opposed to the straightforward on/off motion switch on a traditional keyboard.

For example, if you are playing a racing game, these keys work as your driving car accelerator pedal, the amount of pressure applied to the accelerator could be dependant on how hard the key has been pushed. This feature is very familiar with the gaming consoles like the PS4 or Nintendo Switch but for a computer keyboard is the newest thing.

Thanks to these “analog” keys, the WASD keys for the move will benefit a lot, such as racing games, FPS games. The movement speed of the characters in the game will vary based on the keystrokes. This gives the player better control of the game than the current keyboard, with only one movement at the touch, plus a combination of Shift or Alt to change the movement speed.

Cooler Master said the MK851 uses Aimpad’s input technology, which is currently only available in Cherry MX Red option. Gaming Keyboard will be sold from Q2 or Q3 this year, the price has not been declared.


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