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Vello launches EXT-NZ Extension Tube for Nikon Z lenses

This EXT-NZ extension tube kit for Nikon Z lenses from Vello allows you to take close-up shots without requiring a macro lens, providing a practical macro solution. The Vello EXT-NZ kit includes 12mm and 20mm tubes, which can be used individually or stacked together for greater control over decreasing the minimum focus distance of a lens. Extension tubes do not …

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Vello Extendá Plus WiFi Camera Controller For Canon, Nikon, and Sony Cameras

Vello Extendá Plus WiFi Camera Controller

You can remotely control your camera from your mobile phone and tablet or computer by attaching this Vello Extendá Plus. The full name of this device is very long: Vello LW-500 Extendá Plus Wifi Camera Controller, the basic principle is through this accessory, you can use your phone, tablet or computer through the application. set parameters, adjust remote shooting, fast …

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