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Underwater Action Cam: Which One I Should Buy

Underwater Action Camera

Waterproof Action Camera market is really saturated. What are the models that can be brought underwater with you even without a protective case? Looking for an Underwater Action Cam can seem almost obvious, but how many of you really know which models offer this feature without having to resort to a protective case? The most interesting feature of the models …

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Grab the GoPro Hero Action Camera For Just $63.08 With Coupon

GoPro Hero Action Camera

Halloween festival is ready to come so that doesn’t mean you can’t venture in some cool outdoor activities in this festival. If you take that chance, then an action camera is probably your best friend, it’s compact and it can record high-quality videos, well, if you get the right one. The GoPro Hero might be a good option and, from …

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Lensbaby Circular 180+ Fisheye Lens for GoPro Action Cam, Priced at $69

Lensbaby Circular 180+ wide angle lens with fully circle fisheye for GoPro HERO action cam has been crowdfunding at Kickstarter platform. Promising better pricing – at $69 for early backers and $79 thereafter; and Lensbaby Circular 180+ lens is up for crowdfunding on Kickstarter. The company initially pledged to raise $30,000 goal though it already raised close to $6,856, at …

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GoPro HERO+ with WiFi, 1080p60fps Launched at $199.99

GoPro has added a new version of HERO+, a stripped down version of GoPro HERO+ LCD, but still possess the necessary features including 1080p60 and 720p60 video recording, an 8-megapixel photo with a maximum speed of 10 frames/sec. GoPro HERO+ is a smaller version of the HERO+ LCD ($299) and priced at $199.99. The GoPro HERO+ WiFi integrates some features …

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EE introduce 4GEE Action Cam with Live Streaming via 4G network

The biggest mobile operator in Britain – EE recently announced their first action camera with built-in 4G connectivity so you can live stream your activities. The camera, called 4GEE Action Cam with integrated 4G connectivity. The entire image from this camera will be webcast live on EE applications through high speed 4G LTE internet. This 4GEE Action Cam has quite similar …

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GoPro launches Hero+ LCD with LCD screen, FullHD recording at 60fps, Price $299

Today, GoPro has released an itinerary camera new in their product portfolio that is Hero+ LCD, a version of Hero in the low-end segment.Compared with standard Hero $129, this product will be sold for $ 299 with many significant upgrade includes the ability to shoot Full HD video at 60 frames/second (30 frames/second), 8-megapixel imaging capabilities up to 5 frames …

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