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Best GoPro Camera: Best Buy GoPro

In this constantly updated guide, we will show you which are the best GoPro camera currently available on the market. The Go Pro company was the first to focus on this type of device, gaining a certain reputation in the sector. What makes the Go Pro camera so much loved by users is the excellent quality offered in terms of …

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Grab the GoPro Hero Action Camera For Just $63.08 With Coupon

GoPro Hero Action Camera

Halloween festival is ready to come so that doesn’t mean you can’t venture in some cool outdoor activities in this festival. If you take that chance, then an action camera is probably your best friend, it’s compact and it can record high-quality videos, well, if you get the right one. The GoPro Hero might be a good option and, from …

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GoPro Fusion 360 degree Spherical camera will Arrive this Summer

GoPro Fusion

GoPro has announced a new camera called Fusion, designed for capturing 360-degree spherical videos. GoPro Fusion is 5.2K spherical camera can be used for virtual reality content as well as conventional non-VR videos and images. As of now, there are very little details has been published, and image released by GoPro is clearly carefully composed to reveal more about the …

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GoPro acquired Kolor Software: virtual reality technology

GoPro adds new ways to make an extreme video, even more with virtual reality. The company said Tuesday it has acquired French Kolor software firm. The Kolor Technology stitches together photos and video in interactive media, which is work same as Google Street view. In this spherical video, viewers can look in any direction by clicking the arrow in the corner …

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Xiaomi Yi Camera: Replica of GoPro camera only in $ 65

Xiaomi probably deserves the favorite manufacturers of users in the emerging market. They always make the products with the unique features and similar to the any famous or high-end products on the market, but the price of their very cheap. They launched the Xiaomi Mi 4, appearance and interface similar to the iPhone 5s, Xiaomi Mi Note, Mi Pad as …

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