Xiaomi Mijia Refrigerators are officially announced: Starts from $140

Xiaomi today officially unveiled its all-new range of the Mijia refrigerators. Moreover, the announcement turned out to be large-scale: users were offered four models to choose from.

First and foremost: Xiaomi managed to make a very interesting price offer because the price starts from $140 only. For this amount, the user gets a two-chamber refrigerator with dimensions of 474 x 535 x 1496 mm. The refrigerator volume is 100 liters, the freezer is 60 liters. The temperature controller has seven presets, the noise level does not exceed 39 dB.

For $225 a three-chamber model was proposed: the volume of the refrigerator compartment – 116 l, the freezer – 62 l, the “freshness zone” – 32 l. The dimensions of this refrigerator are 554 x 630 x 1717 mm. The device has a lot of different possibilities up to temperature auto-calibration. Here, as in all other models, an air cooling system is used, which allows you to keep a low temperature, and at the same time prevents the formation of ice. So, Xiaomi refrigerators do not need periodic “defrosting”.

The third model, apparently, claims to be the most affordable side-by-side refrigerator in the world with an inverter compressor. It costs only $280. The volume of the refrigerator compartment is 273 liters, the freezer compartment is 210 liters, and the dimensions are 833 x 650 x 1810 mm. One of the highlight features of this model is a volumetric airflow system and digital control via a screen on the right door.

The top model has four doors and a volume of 486 liters (the refrigerator compartment is 305 liters and the freezer is 181 liters). Dimensions are 833 x 678 x 1860 mm. Here, everything is the same as in the previous model (it includes an inverter compressor), but the screen is larger and both voice and remote control via the Mijia application on the smartphone is supported.

New items will go on sale in China from October 15th. Before the premiere, there were rumors that Xiaomi Mijia refrigerators would turn out to be almost turned models of Haier refrigerators, however, both companies denied these rumors. So all four models are the original and developed by Xiaomi. The declared warranty period is three years. This is two years more than most competitors.


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