Sennheiser TV Clear Set for crystal-clear TV sound and better speech intelligibility

With the TV Clear Set, Sennheiser is presenting new truly wireless earbuds for TV listening that are designed to offer high voice quality when watching TV and making calls.

Sennheiser TV Clear Set wireless earbuds for TV listening

With the TV Clear Set, Sennheiser has introduced new earbuds and TV connector that are said to offer a good sound when watching TV. According to the manufacturer, the new product has been available in stores from today.

The Sennheiser TV Clear Set consists of the new TWS earphones Sennheiser TV Clear and the transmitter TV Connector. The earbuds weigh just 6.9 grams and, according to the manufacturer, are very comfortable to wear with their selection of ear adapters, so that they do not get in the way even during longer TV sessions, wearing glasses, or taking a little nap in front of the TV.

The earphones offer five different speech intelligibility profiles to better understand voices and dialogue when watching TV or on the phone. For this, the higher frequencies are boosted by up to 20 dB. If you do not connect the earphones directly to a television or other device via Bluetooth, but instead use the supplied transmitter, you can set your preferred volume independently of that of the television or other audio source. This makes it possible for other people to watch or listen in without headphones and to control the volume independently.

The Sennheiser TV Clear not only allows you to watch TV without disturbing other people and being distracted by ambient noise. The environment can also be optionally perceived with the “Ambient noise” option. In addition, a low latency guarantees synchronous playback of audio to match the TV picture.

When using the transmitter, Sennheiser promises up to 15 hours of listening time on a single charge. In combination with the transport box, up to 22 hours of TV entertainment should be possible. And if you’ve misplaced the small earbuds in the crevice of the sofa, you can easily find them again using the “Find My Earbuds” function in the TV Clear app.

Sennheiser TV Clear Set price and availability

Sennheiser TV Clear Set wireless earbuds for TV listening cost $399.95 and can be purchased on the store.

Recently, Sennheiser has unveiled its new IE600 best audiophile headphones, a premium model that goes between IE 300 and IE 900 and which continues in the tradition of wired solutions that characterizes this line-up.

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