Viltrox E-T10 Adapter to attach Sony E mount Lenses to Z CAM E2 Cameras

The Viltrox has announced an adapter that allows you to attach Sony E mount lenses to Z CAM E2 cameras. The Viltrox E-T10 adapter is compatible with Z Camera models E2-M4, E2-S6, E2-F6, E2-F8, allows EXIF ​​information transfer and aperture control.

Viltrox E-T10 Sony E mount lenses to Z CAM E2

Viltrox promoting its lenses with Sony E-mount, although this design will work with the original Sony E optics. The manufacturer emphasizes that autofocus will not work.

The installation of the adapter is somewhat reminiscent of a children’s designer: the adapter is screwed to the front of the Z CAM E2 series cameras with special screws, thus creating a complete and very nice bayonet mount for Sony E lenses.

The adapter uses a brass metal mount and weighs 64g. There is no word on whether Sony E lenses with OIS stabilization are supported. Following current trends, the adapter is equipped with a USB port, so in theory, its firmware could be updated to be compatible with future lenses.

Compatible Z cameras:

Viltrox E-T10 Sony E mount lenses to Z CAM E2
  • Z CAM E2-M4
  • Z CAM E2-S6
  • Z CAM E2-F6
  • Z CAM E2-F8

Viltrox E-T10 price and availability

The Viltrox Sony E-mount to Z CAM E2 Series adapter is now available to buy for $199 on the website.

Recently, Viltrox has introduced the two AF 33mm f1.4 and AF 56mm f 1.4 autofocus lenses for APS-C mirrorless cameras with Sony E mounts.

And coming to Z CAM, they announced an innovative and affordable EVF101 electronic viewfinder that integrates Wi-Fi, allows you to monitor the image of your camera, through the free Z Cam app, priced at $799.

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