True Wireless Headphones: Best to Buy

In this constantly updated buying guide, we will show you the best True Wireless Headphones to buy. This type of Bluetooth wireless headphones has become a real fashion thanks to Apple AirPods, but besides being a mere trendy item, they are also very comfortable in reality. They are truly wireless with good battery life, if you need to feel as free as possible, this category of True Wireless Headphones will surely be for you.

True wireless headphones are many, but not all are good. We will select for you only the models that are worth buying, so as not to make you regret the purchase and get a complete and quality product into your hands.

If you are looking for a product as close as possible to that of Apple, we strongly advise you to visit our article dedicated to the True Wireless Earbuds 2019, otherwise continue here to view more models, even cheaper.

True Wireless Headphones: Our Selection

Below we offer our selection of the best true wireless earbuds available on the market. We would like to constantly update the guide in order to offer you always valid products. The models were chosen based on their technical characteristics and the price at which they are sold.

Redmi AirDots

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The third pair of true wireless headset presented by Xiaomi is also the cheapest, but paradoxically also the one that convinces the most. The Redmi AirDots definitely change the cards on the table. However, we are talking about discrete headphones, not exceptional as they are also a bit limited – see the lack of a command to send the songs forward or backward – but at least they work well, even in terms of connectivity, and they cost very little. If you use headphones only to hear music and not for calls, then these Redmi AirDots are recommended, otherwise, you should keep looking at this guide.


[amazon box=”B07XBYCYVW” /]

It seemed impossible to buy cheap True Wireless headphones that worked really well, and you always had to increase the price bar a lot to find a decent product. Well, those times are over, and with a really low budget, you can buy what we consider a couple of the best inexpensive True Wireless headphones in circulation: the QCY T2C. They are an evolution of the previous model, which was already very good, but with some fundamental improvements: the housing that now has a safety cover, to prevent the earbuds from falling accidentally, and an increased battery that guarantees up to 35 hours in total, a value that is hardly reached by all products of this kind.

Tribit X1

[amazon box=”B07PWDYNNP” /]

Tribit is an emerging brand in the industry, but it is already proving to have something to say with its products. These X1s will offer full compatibility with Bluetooth 5.0, a portable case that charges the headphones 5 times, which last about 3 hours on a single charge. The audio quality provided by these small wireless ear buds is quite sufficient, and the wearability is favored by the comfortable silicone pads, available in several sizes.

TaoTronics SoundLiberty 53

[amazon box=”B07TVC98TK” /]

These TaoTronics true wireless earphones are a great low-priced choice, thanks to the good sound quality offered along with sufficient build quality and also well-functioning touch controls, hard to find in other models at the same cost.

Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo

[amazon box=”B07MCGZK3B” /]

Another excellent True Wireless Earbuds is offered by Soundcore, Anker’s sub-brand, and these are Liberty Neo, with Bluetooth 5.0 and a maximum battery life of 12 hours. They are also really very small and discreet, and offer audio quality up to the competition.

This Liberty Neo is one of the cheapest and best quality models you can find at the moment, so they are incredibly cheap if you are looking for a pair of True Wireless headphones at an affordable price.

Anker Soundcore Liberty Air

[amazon box=”B07HSYJWMR” /]

The latest product from Soundcore, an Anker company focused on audio products, is this Liberty Air. Thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 they are able to offer reliable connectivity with all smartphones and above-average audio quality.

There are also touch controls on the earbuds to control the music being played, and the charging case allows a total battery life of around 20 hours, which is an extremely good value for such a product.

Bose SoundSport Free

[amazon box=”B0748G1QLP” /]

Bose has always been synonymous with quality, and these SoundSport Free are no different. The excellent audio quality and good wearability make it a product absolutely at the height of the Apple counterpart. At the exit, many users complained about a delay between audio and video while playing multimedia content, but Bose is fortunately managed to stem this defect with a software update. As for almost all Bose products, this Bose wireless headphones also allow the management and equalization via the application.

The only drawback of this product is the size, both of the case and of the earbuds, not exactly discrete. So if you are looking for a wireless headset that is not very conspicuous, these SoundSport Free games are definitely not for you. In all other cases, given the price at which they are offered, they can be a real bargain, even if you want to use them as iPhone earbuds.

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Jabra Elite 65T

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The Jabra Elite 65Ts are currently among the best AirPods alternatives on the market, as they offer extraordinary quality and really above-average comfort. Very useful the dedicated application that will allow you both to choose which voice assistant to use and to optimize the equalizer with dozens of different settings.

The integrated battery allows to reach 5 hours of juice with continuous use, a value that should not be underestimated. Obviously they can also be used as an iPhone Bluetooth headset, so if you are looking for an AirPods alternative with iPhone, these Jabra Wireless Headphones will surely be able to satisfy you.

It is also available on

Samsung Galaxy Buds

[amazon box=”B07MWCNR3W” /]

Together with the new Galaxy S10, Samsung introduced its new model of true wireless headphones, and this time it didn’t go at all light. The Galaxy Buds do not change only for the name compared to the previous models (Gear Icon X), but they improve in many sectors.

The sports part – which included heart rate sensors integrated into the wireless ear buds and a training suite in the app – has been sacrificed, but now there are no more problems like the really important battery drain of the previous models.

Moreover, the sound of the earbuds is taken care of by AKG, while the smart part is ensured by a very complete app that also allows the sound equalization. In short, these Galaxy Buds have already been defined by many as the best alternatives to AirPods, and how to blame them!

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Apple AirPods

[amazon box=”B07PXGQC1Q” /]

Definitely not the most recent product, as these Apple AirPods were introduced almost three years ago. Despite this, we are still a point of reference not yet completely equaled by the other manufacturers. The AirPods are the best friends of the iPhone, Mac and all the other products of the Apple, because they are equipped with the Apple W1 chip, which allows an instant connection to any of the products previously listed, along with a vision together on the charge of earbuds and case, a gem that nobody has.

Other peculiarities of these earbuds are the automatic pause of the music when they are pulled from the ears and the controls that work not through a touch surface, but through an accelerometer placed inside, in order to make the controls easier even if you wear hats, gloves or both.

Apple AirPods 2

[amazon box=”B07PYLT6DN” /]

After three years from the presentation of the first model, Apple has finally introduced the new generation of AirPods. The changes compared to the previous model are few, but substantial such as new Apple H1 chip for even faster connectivity, wireless charging, Support for the “Hey Sir ” to activate the voice assistant and improved battery life.

No further innovation, but the most interesting news, according to many is the presence of Siri, comfortable because in this way there will not even be any need to call it back with a tap on the headset. Afterward, it will be possible to purchase separately the wireless charging case, which is compatible with both this model and the previous generation.

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Jabra Elite Sport

[amazon box=”B077H73WGP” /]

It is easy to see from the name of the product that this model is suitable for sports. The reasons are many: in addition to being waterproof, they have like an Icon X from Samsung an integrated heart rate monitor, so as to monitor the heart rate during training so its best wireless headphones for running.

Furthermore, these earbuds interfaces with an application, called Jabra Sport Life, which manages all the data and also gives you instructions on how to continue your training, motivating you to do the maximum.

Then there are the onboard controls and the excellent battery of around 4.5 hours per charge, which make them truly high-quality products. There are those who consider these Jabra Elite Sport the best True Wireless headphones on the market, maybe not wrong.

Best selling True Wireless Headphones at Amazon

At the end of our selection of True Wireless Headphones, we show you a list of the best selling (and appreciated) on Amazon, who knows that from here already manage to find what works for you.

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