Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2022: Which one to buy

Are you thinking of buying the best robot vacuum cleaner that will help you keep your floors clean at all times? With a robot, you can let him take care of the dust (and not only)! However, remember that these top robot vacuum cleaners cannot completely replace normal vacuum cleaners.

Top Robot Vacuum Cleaners 2022

However, it is much more convenient to let the robot do the “dirty” work most of the time. A robot that runs 90 minutes a day 3 times a week will keep your house much tidier than 10 minutes of vacuuming. They are also intelligent and can be programmed to sweep for hours and then turn off on their own, returning to their home base. This is why they are widely used for home automation, allowing you to create a smart home, with all its countless advantages! In this best robot vacuum cleaner 2022 guide, we will help you choose the top robot vacuum cleaners, and scrubbers according to your needs.

How to choose the top robot vacuum cleaners

Like all products, it is not possible to define which is the best robot vacuum cleaner, because a lot depends on your needs, budget, and the features to be offered. Over the years, these portable vacuum cleaner robots have evolved more and more, and now it is practically possible to find them in any price range (as you have already seen from the list above).

Essentially, a robot vacuum cleaner is an electronic device capable of moving autonomously around the house, generating a kind of “mapping” of the environments to then be able to clean them by vacuuming dust, crumbs, animal hair, and so on. They are therefore full of sensors and integrate cleaning filters. But what are the main characteristics that unite them?

  • Important parameters: to choose the best robot vacuum cleaner, keep in mind parameters such as the suction power (which is at least 1500 Pa), the presence of a smart charging base that allows the robot to recharge itself autonomously, and then again sensors (for bumps, for falls and anti-tangle) and if you also need the WiFi connection to the program and start it remotely via the app.
  • Surface to be cleaned: some robot vacuum cleaner models recognize the type of floor and automatically adjust when they pass from one type of surface to another (parquet, carpet, majolica, etc.) by increasing or decreasing the power or by rotating the brush differently.
  • Container capacity: if there is a large surface to clean (perhaps over 70/80 square meters) you must consider buying a model that has a large container for cleaning, otherwise you would be forced to clean it continuously. Moreover, often some robots also use the same container for the water with which they will then wash the floors.
  • Dimensions: Beyond the length and width or diameter, it is very useful to consider the height of these devices in the case of a round-shaped robot. Make sure they can pass under all the furniture in the house; It is also important to understand the diameter of whether the robot can pass under chairs or in confined spaces.
  • Noise: this is a very important factor because if the robot starts cleaning while playing a game or watching TV, you won’t be happy with the noise it makes. Some robots allow you to “lower the volume” by lowering the suction power, but we recommend a programmable model so that you can start it when you are not at home.

The best robot vacuum cleaners 2022 are chosen by us

What is the best robot vacuum cleaner? If you are looking for the best of the best, in these top robot vacuum cleaners you will find cutting-edge technology and intelligence: real assistants for the home, even when you are not there and without the need to worry about delicate objects and insidious obstacles!


The new robot vacuum cleaner from Roidmi has been developed not only to keep floors clean but also and above all to keep the health of the environment around us high with the minimum possible maintenance, thanks to its self-emptying and self-sterilization functions. The vacuum cleaner itself exhibits an aesthetic similar to classic robot vacuum cleaners, with the laser mapping sensor protruding in the center of the vacuum cleaner.

There is a rotating brush underneath that sucks up the collected dust and brings it to the removable tank, inside which there will be another tank where to put the water to wash the floors. The mapping is meticulous, and there is also the Zone Mode to create customized zones where the robot must clean more thoroughly or exclusion zones where the robot must not pass. Even cleaning can be customized with four powers available. The pioneering self-sterilization system operates autonomously after cleaning is finished to keep the robot clean, while the HEPA filter will start to generate deodorant particles with the active oxygen technique (also used for medical equipment), capable of sanitizing, eliminating bacteria and bad odors.

You can buy it for £749.99 on website.

Eufy RoboVac 30C

RoboVac 30C cleans on average just fine: the lack of laser mapping (present in the high-end models) is felt because these types of robots do not move “neatly”, but all in all they clean practically everywhere and with good efficiency.

The suction power is there, and it shows! The floors and carpets (thanks to the BoostIQ technology ) are cleaned very well, and the battery life is also satisfactory, so much so that we can clean at maximum power without fear of draining the battery before the end of the cleaning. In any case, if this were to happen, the robot would go back to charging itself, and the noise (just 55 dB) is not at all annoying.

In general, this robot will clean 90% of your home without problems. The only flaw could be the lack of laser mapping, a common feature of cheap vacuum cleaners, and there is very little to do. Remote voice commands with Alexa and Google Assistant are also good.

You can buy it for $259.99 / £209.99 on,, and websites.


ULTENIC T10 is a robot vacuum cleaner and scrubber that can also empty itself when it returns to the charging base. Without a doubt a high-end device, which really lacks nothing, with a real artificial intelligence that is worth every single penny, no ifs and buts! After cleaning we will see exactly what, where, and how the robot will have cleaned the floor, with different cleaning modes depending on what we want to do. Then there is the Floor Scrubbing Mode, with which our robot – equipped with a special microfiber cloth and filling the water tank – will clean the floor by making a “Y-like” shape in such a way as to vacuum and wash at the same time ensuring complete cleaning of all surfaces.

We can define this robot with a “stubborn character”: it does not stop at the first obstacle, even if our pet continuously buzzes around it to play with it, and if it cannot even clean a corner of the floor because our feet are there to annoy, the robot will continue its work and then return after a while, hoping that we will be “out of the way” (here, this is called artificial intelligence). Added to this is incredible battery life: the 5200mAh integrated into the robot is more than enough even for a Deep Cleaning with which the whole house is cleaned first with a horizontal serpentine movement, and then with a vertical movement, without leaving even a centimeter without cleaning, even being able to exploit the maximum power of 3000 Pa (more than a cordless electric broom).

You can buy it for $499 / £399.99 on and websites.

Eufy RoboVac G10 Hybrid

The Eufy RoboVac G10 Hybrid is a feature-rich and extremely versatile device. Its peculiarity that makes it a hybrid is the presence of cloth to wash the floors. While for the vacuum cleaner mode, we did not find any noteworthy defects or problems, for the mop mode, we can say that it certainly remains useful for refreshing and cleaning surface dirt on the floor, but for stubborn stains and encrustations, human intervention is necessary.

Then the data on battery life is excellent, with the battery that manages to guarantee about 80 minutes of continuous cleaning. If the apartment has not yet been cleaned within these 80 minutes, the Eufy RoboVac G10 Hybrid can return to the base, recharge, and continue the cleaning from where it left off.

You can buy it for $159.99 / £199.99 on,, and websites.

Eufy RoboVac G30

The device in the package is sufficient, which in addition to the vacuum cleaner includes: the charging base, the power supply, 2 side brushes (one of which is spare), a multipurpose accessory for cleaning the robot, 5 cable clips, a spare filter, and various manuals. An accessory that is often found in the packaging of other products is missing: a magnetic strip useful for creating a virtual wall that the vacuum cleaner does not pass through. The capacity of the container is absolutely good: in a small apartment, cleaning it a day, it will be enough to empty it once a week, although we do not recommend that you always fill it to the brim.

From a performance point of view, RoboVac G30 performs very well. The suction power is 2000 PA, also ideal for more complicated surfaces, such as carpets. Thanks to BoostIQ technology, the robot will be able to automatically understand the type of surface it is on, adjusting the suction power based on it. On smooth surfaces like my parquet flooring it can clean well even at medium-low power, thus remaining quite silent.

You can buy it for $279.99 / £314 on,, and websites.

iRobot Roomba e5154

Surely, one of the best Roomba robot vacuum cleaners of the moment. The iRobot home model is equipped with an intelligent WiFi connection for remote control with which it will even be possible to create cleaning schedules. Obviously, the technology is state of the art, and the brushes have been improved to capture more dirt.

The Power-Lifting technology of the suction motor, on the other hand, guarantees a suction power five times higher than that which characterizes the models of the 600 series that we saw in the previous paragraph. Therefore suitable for larger environments and for those who need a deep cleaning.

This vacuum cleaner price is £540, and it can be purchased on the website.

Roborock S5 Max

The Roborock S5 Max mini vacuum cleaner is a real aspiration for everything. It can vacuum, on any type of surface, anything: dust, crumbs, and various dirt. Through the various levels of aspiration, it is possible to select precisely the intensity of aspiration; consequently, the noise emitted by the robot will be more or less loud.

One of the strong points of this Roborock S5 Max is the washing. Through the special compartment for water and the bracket for the cloth, this robot can carry out a complete washing of the room, managing to perfectly clean the surface. Roborock S5 Max managed to remove 90% of the stains, leaving only the very stubborn ones, which it is difficult to clean even personally (for example, coffee stains). Thanks to the new cushioning system, the cloth touches the surface perfectly and leaves no area without washing.

You can buy it for $399.99 / £421 on,, and websites.

Eufy RoboVac 11S

Eufy RoboVac 11S has two different levels of suction, also has a third mode, called BoostIQ, which can recognize the level of dirt present on the surface, to adjust the suction power as appropriate. In terms of cleaning, the portable vacuum cleaner can clean any surface quite well. Although cleaning does not take place homogeneously, and the device passes several times in certain areas and fewer times in others, the latter still manages to capture almost all of the dirt present. It is also very quiet, even when used at maximum power. This vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 0.6-liter dust container, which allows you to carry out several cleaning cycles before being emptied.

You can buy it for $159.99 / £184 on,, and websites.

Eufy L70 Hybrid

The Eufy L70 Hybrid is the best robot vacuum cleaner in the high-end range because, at a very affordable price, it integrates all the features of its more expensive one, starting with the WiFi connection that allows it to be remotely controlled (even manually) and to program its operation every week.

The laser sensors create a mapping of the environments that are cleaned efficiently and deeply; in addition, you will also find in the package the cloth that will allow the robot to wash the floors. There are many other sensors such as those for entanglement, fall, automatic return to the base, and much more. It also has different modes and powers for suction and washing.

You can buy it for $399 / £504 on,, and websites.

iRobot Roomba 960

The iRobot Roomba 960 robot vacuum cleaner has nothing wrong with the level of suction and cleaning reliability: excellent despite using only one brush instead of two like the competition.

We find super Dirt Detect sensors that recognize the floor areas with the highest concentration of dirt by ordering the robot to clean them more thoroughly, as well as a convenient method to create virtual barriers through a dual-mode Virtual Wall (2 AA batteries included), the application allows you to slightly customize these aspects. However, you can start cleaning at any time with this rumba vacuum cleaner, schedule automatic cleaning, and receive notifications about what happened during the cleaning.

You can buy it for $650 / £488 on,, and websites.


We will finish our top robot vacuum cleaners to buy in 2022 with the ECOVACS DEEBOT N8+, a robot vacuum cleaner with an automatic emptying station. The app is good, the sensors work well, and… it also cleans as well as vacuuming! We are certainly talking about a high-end device because it integrates many sensors (fall arrest sensors for stairways, collision sensors, and much more), combined with a laser sensor placed on the upper part of the body that helps it to map the environment .to move with extreme precision.

The mapping is also useful for us because through the app we will be able to designate some areas where the robot will not have to go or other areas where the robot will have to spend more time for more cleaning. There is also voice control (Alexa or Google Home) and an automatic suction mode that manages the power of the robot (up to 2300 Pa) depending on the dirt that is detected on the floor. In short, the DEEBOT N8+ can vacuum, wash and recharge autonomously every day of the week (perhaps at the times when you are at work) in a completely customizable way and with total control of its entire itinerary.

You can buy it for $699.99 / £599.99 on,, and websites.

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